The term kinky means???what??

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this may sound like a no-brainer, but i was having a discussion with someone who really felt that 'curly' hair and 'kinky' hair are two totally different things.
i disagree, from what i learned in B school years ago, kinky hair is simply super or overly curly hair.

yes there are different textures, but the cause of the kink is strands of hair so curly that they literally curl up upon ithemselves. (z-patterns included).

so what do you think? curly hair and kinky hair = same thing or no?:dontknow:
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  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Posts: 15,402Registered Users
    Same thing just farther up the spectrum of loose wavy, curly to hypercurly/coily
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    I tend to think of Kinky hair as being on the end of the curly hair spectrum. So while kinky hair is a type of curly hair....not all curly hair is automaticly kinky. I also tend to think that the curly has as less to do with the "kinkyness" of the hair...its more about the texture (coarse or fine) AND the curl pattern. For instance...I'm seen some 4a hair that is soo fine and silky....that I wouldn't call that kinky...cause it doesn't "kink".....
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    i think of kinky as being a description of texture.
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  • LovemylocksLovemylocks Posts: 766Registered Users
    I describe it in terms of texture as well. It does not relate as much to the degree of curliness IMO. It is harder to describe but easier to spot.
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  • subbrocksubbrock Posts: 8,212Registered Users
    when i think of the word "kinky" as it relates to hair, it means "a comb is not going to get through this hair."

    ive seen straight hair folks with kinky looking hair and some curlies with kinky looking hair.
  • kurlikinkiklassickurlikinkiklassic Posts: 117Registered Users Curl Novice
    I appreciate everyone's comments so far. I understand what some of you are saying about hair having a "kinky" texture (coarse, fine) that seems to be a separate factor from the tightness of the curl.
    My only issue with that philosophy is that my hair is considered fine, but it definitely "kinks".

    While there are textures that are more fine than mine (someone mentioned people other races with "straight" hair that also appears to be kinky - I suspect those are fellow curlies who are unable to blow dry their hair completely straight themselves, but i digress), I have never seen anyone with 4a hair that doesn't have the capability to become kinky if it is not demonstrating that attribute at that time.

    I guess "kinky" is one of those words that is entirely subjective as per the user.
    Can we just be ourselves?? Embrace who you are completely --God doesn't make mistakes
  • KitaraKitara Posts: 1,224Registered Users
    I guess "kinky" is one of those words that is entirely subjective as per the user.
    I agree. I think of kinky as the kind of hair that gets tangled really easily and is more like the Z pattern (4b?) curls.