My Hair Is A Fighter and Not A Lover. Is Yours?

msjokermsjoker Registered Users Posts: 1,658
This has happened too many times, I can't even keep track. My hair attacks my combs, headbands, ouchless elastics etc. It just snaps them apart. It's frustrating because I have to keep buying more stuff :(
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  • curlyarcacurlyarca Registered Users Posts: 8,449 Curl Connoisseur
    The Kinks! :lol: I love the Kinks!

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  • CurlilocsCurlilocs Registered Users Posts: 821
    I haven't gotten to the length where hair accessories will look cute, but when I do, I am most certain my hair will be fighting!
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  • urbancurlurbancurl Registered Users Posts: 980
    Oooh, yeah. I love Goody plastic combs for pulling my bangs back and I lose the little teeth so fast. Lately I've been stretching out bobby-pins. And also breaking elastics when I try to make ponytails! I need to buy the seamless kind, not the kind with metal hardware on it. You are not alone!
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