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Can anyone tell me about the ingredients for their product? How is your hair since using their products? Thanks so much for your input.
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    Hi here is the link: /home/leaving?" class="Popup

    I don't think that the leave- in cond is CG.I didn't check the rest products as yet.
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    I've tried the leave in before going CG. It does conatin the A-cone and it left my hair feeling producty. I ended up giving it away.
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    i absolutely love the deep conditioner, even though its not CG, it works for me. the DC really helped keep my hair healthy during my transition and kept it conditioned, which allowed my hair to grow.

    as matter of fact none of their products are CG, but it works for me. the leave in conditioner is tricky at first, but i've learned that it works best when i use a wide tooth comb to comb the product in. i apply the product in sections first, cuz i have a lot of hair, then comb it in, and let air dry. the only issue i have with this product is that it dries crispy, but u can either scrunch it out or let the crunch wear out on its own.

    but it defines my curls soooo well, i love it. another problem is the hold, i do get second day hair with this, but it just goes downhill from there. i was wondering if any of the other curlies use a gel on top of this, if so which one?

    also coily, if you go to and email the girls, they will gladly send u a sample of their products so u can at least try it first.