Ghd Flat Iron?

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hello all!
I have had my flat iron for about five years and i think it is about time for a new one. My hair is pretty curly and long (down to the middle of my back when it is straightened) 3B and it takes me about 2 1/2 hours to straighten on a good day. I have been looking at flat irons and specifically GHD stylers. They are rather expensive but seem to be top of the line. If anyone could give me some reviews or info on these irons it would be great. I really want to know if it is worth the $ 235.00.


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    I do not own a GHD, but I have read nothing but GREAT reviews about them!!! I would definately give it a try. I have a top of the line flat-iron myself (FHI) but I certainly wouldn't hesitate to give the GHD a shot!! Good luck and let us know what you decide:toothy7:
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    I have GHD the styler which is pretty good. It does a great job at straightening. I have 4a hair which I usually rollerset or blowdry before I flat iron. On the rare occasions I wear it straight. Its a really good iron, leaves hair light and very shiny. I specifically bought it bcuz of the dual voltage option.

    If you want a cheaper alternative you should check out metropolis flat irons: The digital tourmaline OR the digital AG Nano both great. The first one I bought in 2006 and my sister stole it, she uses it everyday. The second one I took to germany, didnt use an adapter and burnt out the iron :(

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    I have a GHD and it straightens my hair, but it does not stay straight. I live in Washington and its not that humid over here. I will wake up in the mornin after using the GHD and underneath my hair will need to be straightend AGAIN just from sleeping!!
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    I have had a pair of GHD's for years now, they are great I have always had great results.
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    It was my first ceramic flat iron and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Now they are very common, of course, but when I first got it, it was still an exotic beast! I had to orderit from the U.K. and it was about $300 but I felt it was worth every penny.

    I still have it but don't use it because my bf gave me a HAI for my birthday and I am madly in love with it.
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    My hair is 4a, but with my ghd iron my hair stays very sleek and straight. In the first two days after straitening it I will need to repeat it a couple of times even with styling products, but compared to other irons I thought GHD is the best.

    You can feel the difference on your hair, and because of the ceramic layer, it goes faster and it is (seems) very gentle to the hair.

    With my 4a hair I normally took about 2 hours to straighten my hair. Now if I go straight, I blow dry it, and straighten it, in under an hour! :blob7:

    A recommend BedHead Control Freak Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum with it, to keep it straight, with that even on a night out dancing, the hair stays straight!

    Also good: the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum
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    Hi! My curls are also 3b and I have always used my gama falt iron with a built in comb but now im going to buy a ghd IV styler since my hairdresser used it on my hair (see my avatar pic for result). She straightened the roots and when she came to the ends she curled it with the iron and the result lasted perfectly for 4 days!!
    So as soon as I can afford one I will get one, I never thougt my hair could get that look but it did and I love it.
    My hair is relaxed 3b curls, I either straighten or curl it =)