Garnier Fructis Strength & Repair commercial

shellynotshellynot Posts: 1,140Registered Users
The normal complaint:

the girl had frizzy curly (and yes, damaged) hair at the beginning, and at the end, assumingly after she uses the garnier shampoo and conditioner, is it smooth and shiny and STRAIGHT.

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"Your head is like a crown on you.
It is as beautiful as Mount Carmel.
Your hair is as smooth as purple silk.
I am captured by your flowing curls."
Song of Solomon 7:5 (NIRV)


  • autumn.whispersautumn.whispers Posts: 59Registered Users
    That commercial, along with several others, all promote the straight haired girl. I'm hoping with time that hair product companies will 'get' that many of the straight haired gals in 'reality' straighten their hair, but the majority of them are curly.

    This just seems to be yet another body image blunder on the part of the media, which loves to promote what most of us are not. :angry7:
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  • katherinelovesevryonekatherinelovesevryone Posts: 230Registered Users
    not to mention all the commercials advertising curl products, they never show the natural curls of the models/spokes people, they always seem to have heat-produced curls via roller sets, curling irons etc
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