From very curly to nearly straight in weeks

Hi, I'm new here. :)
I used to have really curly hair:
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That picture was a few years ago but it was like that until about October last year. It straightened my hair for school as my curly hair was just too high maintenance, I did like it really though. I'd been straightening my hair for quite a long time, over a year but only about once a week and I used a heat protection spray (which so doesn't work) and my hair stayed the same but in October when I washed my hair I noticed it wasn't very curly and over the next couple of weeks it was just wavy and in really bad condition, it was all dead and split at the end so I went to the hairdressers and she said it was too damaged for me to get rid of all my split ends without having my hair cut really short so now most of my split ends are gone but my hair is still boring and wavy. Is there anyway I can get it back or at leat make it more curly? I've tried gels and stuff but although my hair looks curlier it's horrible and stringy. Please help!
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    I would concentrate on getting your hair healthy again ... lots of conditioner and get rid of any of the unhealthy products ... anything that requires a harsh cleanser to get rid of them. I don't think there is a quick fix. I suspect that the more healthier your hair gets the curlier it will become.
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