can I get a product recommendation?

I have 3a/b hair. Most days I work a good sized blob of aussie gel through it and dry (sometimes 3/4 sometimes completely) with a diffuser. Then 'scrunch out the crunch'. Hello beautiful curls!

BUT, now it's past shoulder length and I'm getting tired of the routine. Yesterday I distributed a little gel through it, finger combed and pretty much left it. And it was just kinda wavy. But poofy and a little frizzy on ends. Hard to get used to lack of curl, but I'm sick of 'doing' my hair!

What can I work through when wet and air dry that will make it look ... normal (for lack of a better word)? Not poofy, not frizzy, not sticky, not stiff... I've always used the gel or mousse routine, so I'm at a loss here.


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    I can't believe I'm suggesting this, but a lot of people with your hair type recommend curl creams. Some of them swear by it. I think there is a thread on the Product Reviews.

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    Have you done a deep treatment lately? That can help a lot with frizz issues sometimes. I just did one this weekend, and my hair is so much easier to manage now. Mine is also much less frizzy when I leave a lot of conditioner in.

    But I get a lot less curl whenever I don't diffuse too.
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    Ah! Curl cream. That's the term I needed, thanks!

    A DT isn't a bad idea, but this is actually just the way my hair is.