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I've thought that I was a 4a, but since my BC(TWA),I'm noticing that I my curls/corkscrews on the back and on the sides of my head are tight and smaller. The top of my head has loser/softer and wider corkscrews. Does this mean I have more than one hair type?


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    From what you described it definitely looks like you have multiple textures. I think a lot of curlies have more than one hairtype.
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    Yes, you probably have more than one hair type.

    I think I'm mostly 4a, but I can see and feel corksrews that are larger than the coils. I also have 4b in the very front and center and in places throughout. I don't know what to call the texture around my nape, but you can clearly see the difference in photos, and it's significatly different than my other textures. I also have L, O, and S shaped hair on the LOIS system.
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    yep thats what it is..I am 4a almost all over except for the top crown of my hair,its 4b
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    so what do wider spirals represent-3c? or is that 4a and the smaller ones 4b...? hmmmm