Fairly quick and easy meal ideas

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I was IMing with a friend yesterday, and giving her a bunch of ideas for foods, so I figured I'd start a thread on it!

First thing I suggested:

I had some beer bread I made the day before (SUPER easy to make!)
Melt some feta, spinach dip and chives together to make a sauce and pour over baked chicken breasts, with toast to sop up the sauce

Rice noodles with peanut butter sauce:
Rice noodles just soften in hot water, so as you wait for the water to boil, put some teriyaki sauce, powdered ginger and curry, and peanut butter in the microwave to heat enough to be able to mix, open a can of mini shrimp, mix all that together while the noodles soften in the hot water, and when the noodles are soft mixed 'em in. Very easy.

Grilled chicken breats and bell peppers:
If cooking for multiple people-put the oven on warm. Get multiple colors of bell peppers, slice and grill them (using George Foreman) until they get the lines on them from the grill, then stick 'em in the oven. Next, do the same with sliced chicken breasts. Use a honey poppyseed dressing (or other dressing of your choice) over the top of the chicken sitting on a bed of the bell peppers, or use rice as the base with chicken and peppers on it. It looks all pretty and fancy, but is soooo easy!

Rice cooker chicken:
Cut a chicken breast up into chunks and throw it in with the rice and water, along with some seasonings, frozen veggies maybe, and just let it cook! It's great if you get home late to start as you do whatever else you need to do around the house.

Tropical mahi mahi:
Make a sauce by heating guava nectar and adding enough flour to thciken. Lightly coat mahi mahi in a flavored grapeseed oil and cook on a george foreman. Pour sauce over the top, with fish on a bed of jasmine rice.
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    These are some great ideas...now if I could only talk my husband into trying some different things. :D

    I'm in a cooking rut and his pickiness doesn't help! :lol:


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