Crown&Glory anyone?

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I just wanted to know if anyone here was using the crown & glory method to help with their transition? If yes, how is it going and what is your regimen?


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    I am definetly using the Crown and Glory during my transition but I am not washing while I have conrows because I think that would be frizz city and I am only keeping these in for 4 weeks. I do give my self a long break after having braids though a month or 2 to just deep condition and cowash. Here is a link to my braids journal and my regime (

    1. Put hair in bun and put on wave cap
    2. Wet head
    3. Apply diluted shampoo to hair (gently massage scalp with finger tips); Used 1 cap full Nutrine Garlic poo and 1/2 cap Kiehls Amino poo, 1/2 cup distilled water.
    4. Rinsed hair throughly
    5. Applied dilluted Kenra mc + honey con on the head while the wave cap was still on. Massaged con into scalp.
    6. Took off wave cap and put on plastic cap and let sit for 15+ min .
    7. Rinsed throughly
    8. Allowed hair to dry a few min with wave cap then removed
    9. Combined African Royale braid spray, Jamaican mango & lime braid spray, and Smooth n Shine leave, and distilled water in in a bowl. Separated my hair into 4 sections and saturated each section with the mixture.
    10. Sprayed scalp with homemade scalp spray + horsetail
    11. Applied Motions mousse to hair detangled with fingers
    12. Applied Fantasia gel to hair
    13. Allow to air dry
    14. Put scarf and cap on

    HTH :)
    Following C&G method
    Fav products: Kenra MC, Misskey 10en1, VO5 moisturemilks, ACV rinses, Rhassoul clay & WGO
    pw: Romeo
    My hair album

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