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I always think this is what my hair is telling me. Except it's saying "Feed me msjoker" :lol: My hair craves moisture like crazy!!!! So I was wondering if it's possible to over-moisturize your hair. Or is it the more moisture, the better?
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    I have been reading posts in the 3C (or maybe it was general...anyway) about moisture versus oil. Your hair can definitely be overmoisturized (over conditioned). Over conditioned is a bad thing (I call in cloud hair (undefined, extra soft, doesn't hold style). It can be over oiled as well, which is maybe a problem for some. As long as I mist my hair before applying the oil, it's all good. The misting encourages absorption of the oil for me.
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    Thanks J! Misting the hair before applying oil definitely helps.
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    hmmm... i think it's possible to over-moisturize the hair, but i can say i haven't had that problem. only had problems with under-moisturizing, LOL! :lol:

    although i HAVE over-oiled my hair before... ugh talk nasty... :P
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