AG re:coil For Sale!

forevercurlyforevercurly Registered Users Posts: 2
Hi all!

I have a 6oz. bottle of AG re:coil that I used once that I want to sell. It is 99% full and I just purchased it from CurlMart about three weeks ago, so it's fresh. (It's a little too heavy for my hair.)

I have an Ebay ID to reference, and have sold on here one other time. I'll pay to ship it Priority for $14.



  • hopetocurlhopetocurl Registered Users Posts: 1,280
    I want it!! I"ll pm ya.
    Currently, using JC HCC, Too Shea, CK and CCSS, RR or LOOB or MOP-C.
    CK is the one!!

    as of 6/17/10 - I have to add Joico!

    Pics at:

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  • forevercurlyforevercurly Registered Users Posts: 2
    Title is self explanatory!


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