How do you prevent "bed head"?

ok so i used to braid my hair before bed, but that flattened my hair and took away my volume. I've thought about wrapping it, but think that will flatten as well. So now my hair looks great for one day, but as soon as the 2nd day comes it looks dryer all disporportioned because im just sleeping with it pulled back or sometimes without anything to contain it lol. So now that I've stopped braiding it seems like i need to wet it all over again so i my hair doesn't look crazy. I've heard people talk about satin pillow cases, but do you wrap it up as well? Wat is your ritual?
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    Hi! I tie my hair up in a pineapple on top of my head with a scrunchie. As well I sleep on a satin pillow case. Both help alot! The pillow case helps with next day frizz because there is less friction on a the pillow case. The pineapple helps because I don't actually flatten my curls by sleeping on them. The scrunchie does not leave signs.

    That is about it! Sometimes I apply oil to the canopy by rubbing a few drops in my hands and slide them over my hair. I know many here do other things so I look forward to the answers too!
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    What's second day hair ? I think that was a fantasy I had a couple of times
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