New and Grateful

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I just happened upon this site as I was searching for inspiration. I have very thick, curly, frizz prone 3b hair. I have had so many nightmare hair cuts in my life that I have gone 2 or three year spurts without any hair intervention. I was recovering from one of those spurts when i began my search on the web for a place and a regimen to help me celebrate my hair type. I found it here. A salon no more than 2o minutes from my house! I had about 8 inches chopped off, and I love it! I now have above the shoulder hair with amazing color and layers. This site got my ball rolling and gave me a boost of confidence to make some drastic change. I love my curls again! Thank you all! Your reviews of stylists and products has really given me an education and a new found love!:toothy7::toothy7:
3b - No poo since 3/2008

Currently using: Jessicurl- curl cream cleanser, Rockin ringlets, Confident Coils, Oil blend, Once weekly treatment and aww inspirlaling spray. ( The rich line)


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    Yay! What a great story. We're so glad you're loving your curls again!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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