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So I was thinking or compiling a bunch of our questions that we have asked RCW and her answers and advice that she has given. That way, we don't have to wade through various posts and search for the answers that we know we just saw the other day.

In this process, I would need to quote some people's questions that they have asked as well as her answers. I will not post usernames or anything like that, just the question and then the answer that was given. Then maybe we can get it "Stickified" and it will be right there when we need it.

Does anyone have a problem with this? If you do, please PM me and let me know, otherwise, I will assume that silence means that you are not opposed to it. :)
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    a great idea...and with the ability to have bold title heading for each new post, it will be easy to type the question there and even easier to spot it while scrolling through the thread.
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    i love it! great idea, alisons.
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    ITA also. I have printed out and written down a bunch of info from these PSF threads and it would be really awesome if it were in a sticky at the top.
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    ditto :tongue5:

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