The greatest salon that I have ever been

nancybonnancybon Registered Users Posts: 1
Some people are good either at cut or color. I followed Christo for several years now and have always loved. He is the best stylist in the world. Sometimes I dont even know what I want and he helps me figure it out. He is honest to every walk-in client and will let you know what he thinks and judging by his own style that means a lot. He has got me to wear my hair curly when I didnt think it was possible! He knows his products and showed me how so I can achieve my look on my own and not in his presence.


  • boarderhopperboarderhopper Banned Banned Users Posts: 295
    The best salon I've ever been to was actually a barbershop where I got my hair cut for $10. The guy was really funny and I got to watch south park on the tv that they had. Thats how I roll.

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