Quick ACV Q.

I don't have Lorraine Mast's book, and I'm wondering exactly how to do the ACV rinse. Should I be using equal parts vinegar and water??



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    Best to use a tablespoon or two of ACV to each cup of water. You can add a bit more or a bit less (experimentation to match your hair) but for the most part that's the "standard."
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    Hey funkygroove,

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    I have a ACV question and didnt want to start a new one so I will ask it here, are these rinses good for color treated hair? I have double process hair ( color and highlights) and I only shampoo my hair once a week because I do a DT, but now I am doing the DT only every 2 weeks, so I was wondering if I can use the ACV as a rinse to remove buildup and dirt instead of a shampoo, since for some reason my head is starting to itch sometimes.

    Just wondering if too much ACV will make my haircolor dull or even remove it? and I dont want that.
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    I'm not sure about the color....

    but on an unrelated note I tried this ACV rinse the other day and I will never do it again! I used less than the recommended dose (1 tablespoon in 3-4 cups of water) and I rinsed my hair for 5 solid minutes. but the smell still lingered in my hair ALL DAY and I felt like I was going to barf all day long. In fact I just hid in my cubicle all day so that no one but me would have to smell it. I was scared to go and help someone at their desk because I was afraid they would barf at the smell of it like I was about to. I washed my hair as soon as I got home but the smell was still there until the next day. My ONLY consolation was that my sense of smell is really sensitive so maybe I was the only one who smelled it.

    anyway....that was my first and last experience with apple cider vinegar.

    Now I am using lemon juice instead, which has about the same pH but a much better smell.
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  • tmmycattmmycat Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 256
    PS. Cola you can use a diluted baking soda mixture followed by a diluted acidic rinse of some sort if you want to gently clean your hair without chemicals. the baking soda loosens the oils and the diluted acid helps to reseal the hair cuticle afterwards. this is what I'm doing since I have very sensitive skin and it's working well so far. this plus water is pretty much the only thing that goes in my hair lately and my hair is very soft and clean.

    this is what I do:

    before shower:
    - mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 2-3 cups of water
    - mix about a tablespoon of lemon juice (fresh or bottled) into 2-3 cups of water (in a separate bottle or bowl)
    - (optional) brush dry hair gently to distribute oils to the ends

    in the shower:
    - pour diluted baking soda mixture over your hair
    - massage scalp gently and let it sit for a minute
    - rinse it out thoroughly
    - pour diluted lemon mixture over your hair
    - let it sit for a few minutes
    - massage scalp gently
    - rinse it out

    actually on second thought, some people say baking soda lightens hair color so it might not be a good idea for colored hair.

    also this is very diluted so it is not going to remove all of the sebum just some of it (which is good I think because sebum helps protect hair and make it less frizzy) ...
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    currently experimenting with water-only washing
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    Hey ladies - the water here in Vegas is hard and heavily chlorinated and is starting to take it's affect on my hair. I just bought a water filter/purifier for the kitchen tap and plan to start washing my hair exclusively with the purified water.

    Question: Will the ACV rinse be adequate to remove the hard water build up in my hair? Or, should I first use a clarifying shampoo and then use an ACV rinse for maintenance?

    Thanks in advance for any responses!

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