Where do I apply Allantoin Sedational from D.Y.?

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A 3ml sample of Allantoin Sedational came with my Diana Yvonne order. It is a moisturizer and has healing properties, but do I put it all over my face or just certain areas like blemishes or dry spots?


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    This is what DY herself has to say about the product:
    Allantoin is one of those important botanicals used in many professional products. It is noted for it's ability relieve dryness and has a very nice soothing effect. Exceptional for those experiencing stressed or irritated skin due weather, peels, dermabrasion, harsh detergents, etc. Hence it's application at the professional level.

    The formulation does contain mineral oil and should therefore be applied last. Mineral oil occludes the skin, meaning that it tends to block the skin preventing penetration of anything applied on top.

    It can be used daily as a moisturizer. However, IMHO this formulation might be too occlusive as a daily moisturizer during hot humid weather.

    It it worth sampling if you are experiencing dry skin...you bet!
    Jackie wrote:Diana, is this product suitable for someone who is prone to clogged pores? I'm looking for a product that might help with some dry flakes that are the result of using Tazorac.


    There are no known comedogenic ingredients in the formulation. I would not hesitate to see how it works for you.

    Will it be adequate? Taz is pretty aggressive so it might not be. Most certainly you should find the aloe and allantoin hydrating and soothing. It may help reduce the appearance of dryness but it is not really going to affect it because of the Taz. There really isn't anything that is going to fix that dry flakiness...your best bet are topicals that might feel soothing, provide temporary relief and ease the appearance.

    Mineral oil? Certainly not noted for clogging pores as it just sits on top of the skin. Mineral oil, in itself, should help to provide a little protection against losing too much hydration throughout the day or night. It's sister, petrolatum is often used for wound healing, to prevent diaper rash, etc....it basically sets up a barrier. Sitting on top of the skin, it does not allow anything in or out. That can be a good thing especially during times of skin stress or irritation. Would I use a product with mineral oil? You bet I would if my skin feeling stressed and I needed to protect it from losing too much hydration.

    You may need to play with it in terms of AM or PM or both according to what you skin is doing at the moment. Because of the mineral oil, apply it last at night or just before sunscreen in the AM.

    I hope that helps.
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    As always, RCW, THANK YOU for your time and patience in answering questions! I sure appreciate it!

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