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Hi, I have been lurking around reading for a week or two now and have learned a lot (as well as thought of tons of questions). I found this site when I was looking for haircuts (just got my hair cut Saturday after finding a good review in here for a local stylist, I may go and post another review for her because she was great!). Sorry, I use a lot of parenthesis, my thougths just kind of spin off sometimes. Okay, back to my story. So, my hair use to be about to the middle of my back and I'm not sure what type it is exactly but I think it's 2b/c with 3a underneath. I got tired of how straggly it was looking so I got it cut and it is now layered (longest being just below my shoulders, shortest- which would be my bangs- just below my chin). I am happy to say that it seems to be curling better now and I actually enjoy wearing it down (I usually just wore it in a ponytail). I look forward to learning more (I am kindof interested in Henna; both for hair and body, I think I might try to teach myself how to do body Henna) and posting more in the future. Sorry this is so long. I work nights on the weekend and after about five hours of not talking to anyone I tend to ramble when I finally do talk (or type, in this case).

Satsuma, FL


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    Welcome! We're glad to have you, and glad you have helped you find a great stylist.

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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