Tried to use Suave Shea Butter hand lotion on my hair and....

It turned out to be body wash!!! I wondered why it foamed when I tried to spread it through my!! I thought it was reacting with the other stuff 'til I read the bottle. I've used hand lotion on my hair before with no ill side affects. I hadn't intended to wash my hair today but it's very, very clean!!

I now have liquid vitamin E and Biolage Hydrating Mousse in my hair. Trying to balance out the stripping the Sulfates did (yeah, I read the ingredients first to see what would react and I was like, what? sulfate in hand lotion)!! The bottle looks like lotion and the solution is thick and creamy like lotion... :thumbdown:



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    I put body wash in my hair the other day too. I meant to grab the conditioner bottle. I wasn't paying too much attention, obviously.
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    I've put hand lotion in my hair in a pinch, at the health club. Was okay.
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    It has worked!! My husband kept telling me today how good my hair smells. I don't think I'll be "washing" my hair with it again. After reading the ingredients, I don't think I'll use it on my body either. I've started using the harsh sulfate shampoo to clean the tub with. My husband is very sensitive to harsh cleaning products and Tresemme doesn't bother him. :toothy7:

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    I've put hand lotion in my hair in a pinch, at the health club. Was okay.

    haha, i just put in aloe gel this morning as an experiment. hair's nice and soft and i think it'll be a regular leave-in!
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