New, and would like help with 2cFi hair, please.

Hi, I'm new here.

I just started letting my hair go natural within the last year, as a result of the positive feedback from my mom while in an apartment in Paris with no blow dryer. For those of you who've been, I'm sure you can relate. That city is so wet.

I went into the hair salon a month or so ago (I had been growing my hair out and it was down to my shoulder blades) with every intent of getting it layered so it would look thicker. And by "thicker" I mean, would look thicker so I could have a nice style to wear it straight.

However, I wore it curly there instead of straightening it, and the woman (Who I had only known through my brother at this point) basically ignored my wish to go straight and gave me my first curly cut. She wasn't a curly girl herself, but thankfully she had been made to read Curly Girl (Which she told me about) when she got the job. So I was in good hands.

My hair is pretty healthy now, at least more so than before, and I've been letting it dry naturally everyday now to see its natural shape. Basically, I've just been going easy on the (curl-friendly) shampoo (Only using it when I want to reduce build up) and using humectant conditioner, frizz-ease serum and a tiny bit of VO5 leave-in conditioning hairdressing on the hair that frames my face.

I'm pretty sure I'm a 2c F(ine) i or ii (I haven't actually measured) according to Fia's hairtyping system, which I prefer. Sometimes I'm closer to a 3a, but that's only on days with a lot of moisture in the air.

Sorry for all this text. Basically, I want to know what products you guys would suggest for someone who wants to define and enhance their curls, without weighing them down or making them greasy or crunchy. Because my hair is very fine.
...She's been dead twenty years just look at her hair, strawberry blonde with curls, she gets hair done then she gossips with the younger waitress girls at the bar, the old Irish rose...drinking strawberry wine, until it comes out her nose...
-Strawberry Wine by Ryan Adams


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