What's your favorite oil?

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What is your favorite oil and how do you use it?
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    I really really like jojoba and castor oil. I use jojoba on my scalp and sometimes I mix castor oil with my styling products.
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    I like shea butter. I warm a little in the palm of my hands and put it on my wet hair after washing. Or I use it on dry hair, mostly on the ends.
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    Grapeseed oil - mixed with rosewater and used as a facial moisturizer spritz

    Coconut oil - whole body moisture, especially on really hot days

    Olive oil - easy to obtain, used in all decoctions/infusions

    Shea butter - a little on wet hair that's been crunchy and dry, rough heels

    Castor oil - in my flaxseed gel

    Lavender essential oil - multi-purpose, hair freshener, summer sheet/skin freshener, spritz under arms before adding powder

    Sweet Almond oil - under eye moisturizer, cheeks in the winter

    Mustard oil - newly added to my overnight scalp oil

    That's all I can think of right now. But I'm sure there's more, I haunt my supermarket's oil aisle.
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    I just started using olive oil. I'm looking to experiment with more.