When you stop straightening: Are people surprised you are a curly girl?

Life after the straightening ends:

How many people have been surprised you have curly hair?



  • Riot CrrlRiot Crrl Registered Users Posts: 3,135
    Well, I was pretty surprised I had curly hair.
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    I kept my hair really really short for years and then relaxed if I let it get longer. I've run into so many people who love my "perm".

    I didn't get many people saying much of anything when I first started growing out because my hair was a dried out mess!! Now I'm getting more comments as my hair gets longer and healthier looking.

  • HarleyCurlHarleyCurl Registered Users Posts: 256
    I've had a couple of people ask me if I had gotten a perm!
  • curlysingercurlysinger Registered Users Posts: 21
    the first time i wore my hair curly was at work and i work with kids and most of them were like "oh my god what did you do to your hair?!" and not in the most positive. they all thought i got a perm. all of my friends and family know that i have naturally curly hair. my family loves that i went back to being curly. my friends were kindof a mix. some loved it. some hated it.
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  • lapushkalapushka Registered Users Posts: 601
    The comments can be even crueler when you have wavy (2) hair, because... wel at least IMO it looks way wilder & messier than straight or curly (3) hair. When you're really curly (3) it often looks way more classy & professional than wavy hair does. I've had comments ranging from, "wow, that's amazing" to "did you forget to comb it or something". Oh well... :roll:
  • LaBelleCheleLaBelleChele Registered Users Posts: 53
    I'm getting the opposite reaction. I would straighten during the winter and do wash and go's in the summer. Now I'm transitioning and getting used to my natural texture, so my hairstyles revolve around it. Most of my coworkers weren't used to it, so when I do straighten it, they're like what happened to the curly hair??
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    lapushka wrote: »
    The comments can be even crueler when you have wavy (2) hair, because... wel at least IMO it looks way wilder & messier than straight or curly (3) hair. When you're really curly (3) it often looks way more classy & professional than wavy hair does. I've had comments ranging from, "wow, that's amazing" to "did you forget to comb it or something". Oh well... :roll:

    Well, mine was not positive when I first started growing out. I got plenty of "are you sure you have curly hair" from people when I'd say I'm letting my relaxer grow out because I wanted my curls back. I even had a hair dresser run her hand through and say that. :thumbdown:

  • claireabellaclaireabella Registered Users Posts: 1
    When I transferred to a new school I straightened my hair religiously for 6 months, one day I did not get a chance to straighten so I braced it for a curly day, everyone gave me weird looks for the entire day, and everyone asked what hair curler I used.

    My curls are loose ringlets.

    Since then people still don't believe my curls are natural.
  • msjananimsjanani Registered Users Posts: 624
    My own mother insisted for something like a YEAR that I should "stop curling my hair."

    On some level I still think she doesn't quite believe my hair is naturally like this. And SHE HERSELF has 3b curly hair. (that she brushes out, of course..)
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  • mariag002mariag002 Registered Users Posts: 3,557 Curl Neophyte
    I walked into my bosses office and she looked at me very surprised and said "Maria I didn't know you had curly hair! I like it this way so much better." My sister is still surprised and its been months since I started leaving it curly LOL And one co-worker told me that somebody had spread rumors that I put a perm in my hair to make it curly LOL
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  • TwoMoonsTwoMoons Registered Users Posts: 754
    Everyone was surprised to see that I had curly hair. I was even shocked. I don't know what I was expecting but I didn't think my hair would be curly. Last time I wore my hair natural was when I was 6. It feels so good going natural.
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  • CurlyBratCurlyBrat Registered Users Posts: 445
    I stopped straightening about 2 weeks ago and every day without the blowdryer my hair gets curlier and curlier... if I had a nickel for every time someone asked me if I got a new perm.... lol

    I tell them it's the perm I was born with, I just finally quit fighting it!!
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  • lapushkalapushka Registered Users Posts: 601
    On a good curly day, I get the perm comment as well. But it has to be a really great hairday for me to get that comment. :lol: Never thought I'd be happy getting a perm comment! :tongue:
  • stellaBabystellaBaby Registered Users Posts: 237
    People were shocked. Especially since i bced from BS permed hair. Some thought i was crazy, but now that its finally growing out some ppl seem to like others still dont understand why i cut it. oh well who cares. It's MY hair.lol
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  • CurlyEyesCurlyEyes Registered Users Posts: 2,983
    My mom is still convinced that my hair is straight and I make it curly. She combs out her waves.
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  • Mass1gBewegtMass1gBewegt Registered Users Posts: 113
    Genetics Unit in 8th grade we made a genetics chart for the class. Fill in the circle if you've got curly hair, leave it blank if its straight.
    I filled it in and when I went back to my seat half my friends were telling me I'd done it wrong, I'd filled it in.
    Came in the next day curly and got a few slack jaws.
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  • lapushkalapushka Registered Users Posts: 601
    The longer it gets, the more positive the comments are. Maybe this is also true for other wavy girls, I don't know. On really good hair days I look like I've gotten some expensive salon treatment. People tend to think I invested a lot of effort into the look, when all I did was airdry it at night while sleeping on it. I tend to feel great when that happens. The good hairdays are scarce though, I mostly get a wornout beachy look when my hair's this short, not even a great beachy look.
  • InAnUpsTruckInAnUpsTruck Registered Users Posts: 22
    I've just recently started wearing my hair curly, and for the first week I kept getting "OMG, Did you get a perm? Your hair is SO curly! It's cute!"

    I was actually surprised, because I'm biracial (black/white/native american) and so I assumed that people just figured I straightened it!
  • rudeechickrudeechick Registered Users Posts: 6,726
    EVERYONE in my life knows me from "before" i was straightening, so they know the REAL me. Everyone, that is, except of boyfriend of 3 years.

    He's... adjusting.:wink:
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  • DolphinCurlsDolphinCurls Registered Users Posts: 370
    Some were. I got mostly positive comments, except for one girl who tried to claim that it was straight or slightly wavy and acted like I had it pretty easy. She had curly hair herself around a 3a/b. Truth was, before I found this site and went curly, I had a horrible time with my hair. I'm not gonna deny that she didn't have a hard time, because I didn't know what she did to her hair, but to act as if she knew every single hairtype and how everybody dealt with it, well that was offensive. I now realize that she was probably jealous, although her hair did look better than mine.
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  • SapphireMoonSapphireMoon Registered Users Posts: 123
    yeah, everyone was very suprised.
    luckily I got all positive comments because I was very uncertain of my curly hair at first. Although I did get a few of the whole "did you perm your hair?" thing.
    it was funny though, the first day I went to school with curly hair EVERYONE stared at me (its not that big of school so everyone was used to seeing my without curly hair).

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  • cool-beanzcool-beanz Registered Users Posts: 3
    gah, i stopped straightening a couple of years ago.. and even now i get "is that a perm/have you curled your hair?"
    it doesnt even look curled or permed because its so wild and afro ish during the day :P
  • sweetjudyblu3yessweetjudyblu3yes Registered Users Posts: 2
    definately!! I straightened my hair every day for almost 2 years. When I started going curly, I must have gotten over 50 comments. "wow i never knew you had curly hair!" "hey, did you get a perm?" "wait..why is your hair so curly today?" etc etc etc! mostly positive, but yea, a couple of "woahhh's......"
  • SandraDgroovySandraDgroovy Registered Users Posts: 139
    Yep!! A few asked if I started to braid it or straw set it, and were surprised when I said I was going back to CURLS, no more flat ironing/relaxing. Got quite a few compliments.
    Sandra, RN & fitness competitor.

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  • CurlymongooseCurlymongoose Registered Users Posts: 11
    I never straighten my hair but I used to have poker straight hair. I grew it really long from a short bob and it stayed straight. Then I went to a new hairdresser who said I had curly hair cut it shoulder length, blowdried with a diffuser and here I am, curly all the way (I'm about a 3a I think). That was about 18 months ago and I still get asked if I've had a perm

    Funniest thing was, I was gonna get a perm much like the style I ended up with.

    Anyone else had straight hair go curly?
  • OliviaChristineOliviaChristine Registered Users Posts: 9
    I've been getting nothing but positive responses from everyone around me, and it's been so encouraging. I work as a hair stylist, and all of my coworkers were shocked that my hair is curly. Everyone keeps saying that I should never straighten my hair again :compress:
  • ZigaZagaZigaZaga Registered Users Posts: 473
    That is soooooo nice to hear Olivia!

    Curlymongoose, my hair was wavy all my life. After giving birth I discovered it was almost impossible to straighten it on my own. Hair stylists tended to burn the heck out of it. I had short hair (chin length) frequent cuts and I still had split ends. So I gave up and embraced my curls. Stylist still wanted to straighten so I gave up on stylists for a while too. :)

    I started getting comments like "wow, I did not know you had curly hair like this!" only after I started CG routine and care. :) Now split ends seem to be a thing of the past even though I am growing it out (it is APL when dry now) and barely trim let alone cut.
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  • SiavaSiava Registered Users Posts: 32
    Oh my yes. My mom kept asking me if I got a perm. My hair had been so fried and damaged before the mega chop that even *I* didn't know it was so curly.
  • CurlymongooseCurlymongoose Registered Users Posts: 11
    there's not knowing HOW curly and there's being told that your hair has just decided that it wants to try out being curly
  • QuirkyYoginiQuirkyYogini Registered Users Posts: 569
    No! Even when I straightened my hair, it was obvious I was a curly and was just trying to straighten. (It's horribly poofy.) The only thing that helped it look more natural was hot rollers, but I don't think anyone was ever surprised! :compress:
    I have 3c hair that I haven't straightened in over 5 years. It's just past shoulder length when dry, and almost waist length when pulled straight.

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