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well I made it almost 2 weeks and then I shampooed. My hair was looking so dull as if it had a lot of buildup.

I'm going to try again stoically...if not for the sake of my hair then for the sake of my skin! Even with a layer of oil on my skin as protection, the shampoo still made me itch. :(

Sigh...so, what do you do to get rid of buildup and get your hair shiny again when you can't shampoo? I read about the sugar scrub ... maybe I can try that next time.
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    I've been doing the CG method for only about 2 weeks, but I've found the baking soda spray(whattacurl wants) found in the curly girl book works wonders on my hair!
    Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of warm water in a spray bottle.After you condition,blot dry.Spray with baking soda. Rinse with cold water.Blot dry.

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    The baking soda solution is great, I agree! The only thing is that isn't great if you have color-treated hair. I used to do the baking soda solution but now I've switched to Lemon Aid (also in CG book). It accomplishes the same thing but is less harsh on my color-treated hair.
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    I third the baking soda solution. I was ready to give up CG, but persevered and am reaping the rewards!
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    how much baking soda do you typically use? I tried 1 teaspoon in a cereal bowl of water (I read that recipe on a different site) ... my hair was still pretty oily afterwards. I also tried 1 tablespoon in 1 cup of water ... ouch, my hair was so dry and rough after that and took 2 days to recover. so I guess the happy medium would be somewhere between those two but I am not sure what it is. I want to remove extra sebum without removing all of it.
    shoulder-length wavy - no shampoo/no cones
    currently experimenting with water-only washing
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    How about using the ACV (apple cider vinegar rinse)? I found that I can only do the baking soda thing immediately before I do a DT. I can do the ACV whenever I need a boost.
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    ok, so take into consideration that I have yet to read Curly Girl, but what works the best for me is about 1 or 2 tbs of BS with 1 or 2 cups of water, and I use it as a shampoo maybe twice a week. Cleans my scalp like nothing else! Then I always finish with an ACV rinse with cool water :)
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