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I feel bad for posting this, I know you guys probably don't have all this time to just sit and help me with my hair (when you have your own hair to worry about). I've tried asking specific questions (and you guys have been amazing at offering advice), but I just need help in general. I usually wear my hair straight because it is easier...pull out the straightner and it's done. But I would like to bring out my natural wave/curl and wear it curly too. I live in a high humidity area, and wearing it curly is a lot easier in the long run as far as maintainance thoughout the day. Plus I love the way it looks (it looks natural on me), but it seems as if nothing I am trying is working. Do any of you guys have similar hair and daily routines that work? I do wear it curly occasionally, but if you read below, you'll see that it doesn't work the way I would like. I don't have a lot of money to spend on expensive things, and I have limited time because I work and am a student. I know a lot of you guys avoid cones and shampoo, but I have not gone that route yet, so anything advice that works is okay.

Here is a description of my hair. I know it is kind of hard to tell with just words, but I'm going to try...
Thicker than Average (I have a lot of hair!) ...But I don't exactly know if it is a 2B or C as far as thickness goes.
It is almost, if not, completely straight in some areas (especially underneath) but is wavier/curlier up front near my face.
It is razor cut into layers --- about shoulder blade length
It tends to get really full and frizzy with heat.
When I straighten it, a few parts of it wave up by the end of the day.
When I try to wear it curly, the whole thing doesn't curl, and it tends to fall out without a lot of product.
Curling irons don't hold and rollers make it appear WAY too a pageant look opposed to everyday
Used to be extremely curly when I was little, but is more or less just slightly wavy now.
If I don't do anything to it, it looks messy---like I just rolled out of bed.

I would post a picture, but I don't have a good one here and I don't have a digital camera here right now. The best I can do is show something similar. It is very similar to the Sunflower picture listed under 2A (but I posted it here b/c of the thickness). Slightly similar to Iris under 2C and Strwberry Fine under 2A.

I am so sorry that this is so long. And I feel selfish for just asking like this, but I am frustrated with trial and error right now...because all I am getting is error.

I'm looking to wear it as curly as it'll be. I don't like the wet look on me though. Preferably avoiding crunchy as well if possible.
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    You sure don't have to feel selfish. :) That's what we're all here for, to help and get help. First question would be, what products are you using right now? That would be a good starting point.
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    I just starting using Pantene Pro V Hydrating Curls Shampoo and Conditioner (I like the way it makes my hair feel...healthy and soft).

    When I try to wear it curly, I use FX Curls Up and Garnier Fruitise (sp?) Curl Shaping Gel. Occasionally I'll use Frizz Ease Dream Curls or Beach Blonde Ocean Waves (though I am NOT blonde), but I don't always use those.

    I use a bowl diffuser (b/c the sock didn't work as well).

    My hair is NOT colored anymore...I just got it to where I grew it out and it is all natural.

    I've tried plopping, but when I sleep with it plopped, I wake up with it too dry, slightly greesy looking, and only curled in some spots. When I tried plopping in the morning before diffusing, it took WAY too long so I gave up. Airdrying is not an option right now because of the whole student thing.

    I have a look that I want to go for, but I don't know if my hair is curly enough to do it. I would post new pictures, but I was looking through albums, and I found something similar (I REALLY hope you don't mind lushaholic)...if you go to the album and look at May 2005...the first 2 pictures or Holiday Hair the last 2...something similar to that. I doubt my hair is curly enough to do that (though I've seen someone with similar hair do something like this), but anything curly as I can get good.

    Don't know if I could go completely CG especially since I don't have a lot of money or time right now.

    Thanks for the help, btw.
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    As far as time and investment, you can get the CG book at the library and use products from Target or Wal-Mart. I do not use pricey products; every product I use can be purchased at the drug store. Also, I don't spend lots of time on my hair. I CO wash it, put product in and let it air dry. I have never plopped overnight; the results would have been scary, I'm sure. I plopped yesterday for the first time in awhile and I think I am done plopping. I don't like the final results. Anyway, here is a link to products that are cone/sulfate/protein free. I don't know how your hair does with protein products, but many curlies find them drying with continuous use:
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    Thanks so much. It's good to hear Target and Wal-mart, ha!

    But I guess I'm just confused as to what to try. I could do experiements (which is probably the only thing that will work in seeing what it good), but I kinda wanna see what direction I should go in since my hair is like that pic above...not extremely wavy/curly and I'm going for a curly-type look.

    I also don't know about you do these things at night? the morning? My hair tends to look very greasy if I don't wash everyday. Scrunch? Blowdryer? I don't know.

    But thanks for help! I'm going to look at that list and see what is available locally.
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    Here is what I do:


    CO wash with VO5 Sunkissed Raspberry (or other VO5 or Suave CO's, but not ones with protein), apply a little CO to the length and smooth or comb through, rinse with water
    Rinse again with honey or molasses/water rinse
    Final rinse with cool water

    Veil a towel over my hair just for a minute.
    Briefly scrunch the back (which takes the longest to dry) with a microfiber towel
    Apply Salon Selectives Molding Putty diluted with water over canopy and under canopy in back
    Flip hair over and rake through some more SS and scrunch upside down with a micro towel. Flip hair over, scrunch again with the towel. Put claw clip in front to keep hair back. Air dry. Take claw clip out after about 10 minutes. When dry, scrunch upside down with a microfiber towel.

    Once a week or longer: Wash with Isoplus Conditioning shampoo

    I haven't used gel for awhile because I wasn't liking the results. I may try the Sally's Aura gel, though. I also have wavy/curly hair, about collar bone length. Gel gives me a little more curl, I think, but the cream gives a softer curl/wave. Either way, I scrunch upside down after it's dry with a t-shirt or with the micro fiber towel. This takes the crunch out and softens the curls. Hope this helps. :)
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    Well, okay...I decided to splurge a bit...I went ahead and bought RR. We'll see how that goes.

    I think I probably need a microfiber towel though...everyone keeps mentioning those, and you use one in your routine too I see.
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    jersey8 wrote:
    I think I probably need a microfiber towel though...everyone keeps mentioning those, and you use one in your routine too I see.
    You don't necessarily need a microfiber towel! I use a tee shirt for plopping and scrunching. I like the results better than when I use my MF towel. I don't really know why but I do get less frizz when I use just a tshirt
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    As I've mentioned before...I don't do the CG thing, so anything will do as far as what I'm about to ask.

    But I live in AN EXTREMELY humid area (pretty much all year round). I'm going to try a new routine whenever I get my RR but I still need something with really good hold. I am going to try what I have (the Garnier Fructise Curl Shaping Gel) at first so I don't have to buy more stuff. But are there any drugstore suggestions? I've seen stuff about BioSilk Gelee (or something to that effect) but I am trying to avoid the wet look. Does that give that?

    I need something that will work even in wetish/rainy weather.

    And what is Boots? I've read a lot about it, but is it on CurlMart...I didn't see it.
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    If you use some leave-in underneath the BRHG, or mix some in with the BRHG in your hands, then it won't be crunchy and it won't have the wet look. Also, I agree that you don't have to buy a microfiber towel. I have a couple but I hardly use them anymore and use paper towels to scrunch out the excess first, and then I plop in a soft tshirt. :)
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    jersey8 wrote:
    And what is Boots? I've read a lot about it, but is it on CurlMart...I didn't see it.
    Boots is a styling cream from England. It is not available in curlmart anymore. You can get it at or Banjocurl is selling some on the swap board
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    I saw that you were using Garnier Fructis gel, and thought that you might want to try the "soft curls" cream/pomade instead. I have had good results with this in the past. :)
    2c/3a...very thin and fine... Modified CG (I co-wash everyday)

    Suave Naturals Lavender Conditioner
    LA Looks Sport Gel

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