Tips for tangled hair?

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I have thick 3a/b hair that is very tangly. I untangle my hair when wet and conditioned with a wide toothed comb. Then when I rinse upside down the tangles come back. There not usually at the ends of my hair, but the top sections. It's really annoying b/c I have to untangle my hair again with my fingers and it destroys the curl pattern. This makes it frizzy and flyaway-ish. Does anyone have any tips? It's been about 3 mo. since I had a hair cut (but the ends aren't bad) and I use Kenra CO (do I need more slip? this one is kind of thick). TIA!
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    I have thick 3b hair, and it's been my experience that due to the nature of our curly hair, after combing out your hair, DO NOT rinse it out upside down. The water gets your hair oriented upside down, so that when you bring your to right-side up again the tangles are caused.

    Are you rinsing upside down to get volume at the crown? If so, a trick I do is to rinse my hair standing up in the shower. When done, I gently bring my hair forward, bend over, then wrap it in a towel on top of my head.

    When it's time for me to apply my styling products, I remove the towel while still bent over. I gently shake my head to make the curls/waves snap back. Then while still bent over, I apply the product starting at my ends first and then gradually working my way up.

    Then I grab my hair into a loose ponytail and hold onto my hair until I'm fully standing up. Once I'm upright I let my hair go. Then I run my fingers through the UNDER side of my hair - this ensures that I'm getting even product coverage and making sure my hair isn't tangled. I'll also touch up the front on an as-needed basis.

    Hopefully I was clear on this process. I found this method works best in keeping my tangles to a minimum. The trick is to try to handle your hair as minimally as possible once you've detangled it. hope this helps!
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    Vegas_curls is right-- the rinsing upside down is what's causing you to have tangles.

    I have 3c hair but it's very frizz prone, but sometimes I work with it or I like the frizz because it gives the illusion of fuller hair.

    But if I want to prevent frizz:

    I co-wash my hair in the shower upside down, I rinse right-side up (for some reason this prevents my hair from getting weighed down), and then I put in product while my hair is sopping wet. I arrange my hair how I want it, and then I just leave it alone to air dry only using my microfiber towel or a paper towel to catch the water dripping down. Occasionally I diffuse, but that's only when I'm in a serious rush.

    I think your conditioner is ok-- slip is one of those things that you can just "feel" so I couldn't tell you since I don't use Kenra myself. Do you use any kind of styling creme or leave-in conditioner after you co-wash?
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    I've been reading some posts and see reference to co-wash a lot. Please, what does it mean??? :dontknow:
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    I get really bad tangles too, but I don't flip my hair. I get them in the nape of my neck. Just driving can give me incredible tangles. Any ideas on how to de-tangle without ripping (or cutting which i've HAD to do) the tangles out? Sometimes I can just use a pick and get them out, but sometimes it's really bad.

    Thanks all!
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