Thread gone wrong

SherelSherel Registered Users Posts: 25 Curl Connoisseur
Hi,I have a question. I think my PT Cruiser question thread has gotten out of hand. Can you close it down? I never meant to start something like this. icon_eek.gif Thanks
fine 2c/3a hair

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  • FroBroFroBro Registered Users Posts: 1
    Ok you curly haired wiggers......FroBro here has himz a PT Cruiser and me and me Hoe be-atches (all seven of dem) findz it to have plenty of room. I don't care if itz sittin on a yugo chassy or a neon chassi, so long as itz sitting on four wheels so iz can drive the thing!! Man like mez gots to be mobile so my hoes stay in line.

    PT Cruisers are da best!!


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