CurlTalk often do you cowash?

I never really made sure when I started CG (well, my version of it, anyway :tongue5:) just how often I'm actually supposed to cowash. I guess I just figured it would take the place of shampooing and I would just do it as often as I used to shampoo, but the more I glean from reading other people's posts, the more I think I might be doing too much and actually hindering my curls.

Example: Even though I thought my hair was dry, damaged, and thirsty, I think I very well may currently be overconditioned (which is a definite first for me!), or else I had such terrible buildup in the underlayers that I didn't notice it until I got my haircut. Either way, I plan to do a vinegar rinse tonight, which will hopefully cure my dullness and frizziness, and also help out with the horrendous tangle issue I had yesterday.

So tell me - how often do you cowash, and do you consider a cowash to include the scalp rub, or just a general smoothing/combing of condish down the length of your hair? I do a scalp massage once a week (usually on the same day I DT so I don't forget either one), and just do a general combing through with condish (staying fairly clear of the roots) twice, sometimes three times a week. Is that too often? Should I be combing through condish only when I scalp scrub and just getting my hair dripping wet on the other days, or am I right on target and my problem is just that I'm so new at this that my hair is still "fixing itself"?

Just when we think we have it all figured out, one tiny variable changes, and our hair goes to crap. :laughing7:

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  • jeepcurlygurljeepcurlygurl Posts: 19,238Registered Users Curl Dabbler
    I co-wash 2 or 3 times a week. I scalp scrub, detangle with my fingers, rinse, put gel and a little conditioner in my hair, plop, diffuse.
    The other days I water wash, add gel etc.
    I do a vinegar rinse a couple times a month and DT about once a month.
    That's my whole routine!
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  • Riot CrrlRiot Crrl Posts: 3,135Registered Users
    I only consider the co-wash to be the scrubbing thing. I wet down almost every day and condition, but I only scrub the scalp once every two or three days.
  • jillipoojillipoo Posts: 3,795Registered Users
    Riot Crrl wrote: »
    I only consider the co-wash to be the scrubbing thing. I wet down almost every day and condition, but I only scrub the scalp once every two or three days.

    This is exactly what I do. Except sometimes I go as long as four days before I co-wash.
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  • jennifermariajennifermaria Posts: 179Registered Users
    Like you, when I first went CG, I co-washed everyday (which is how frequently I shampooed). I learned very quickly what it is to have overconditioned hair LOL. I don't co-wash anymore because I find that my roots get very oily after a day or two, and the only way to really take care of it is to shampoo the roots--I just use a no sulfate shampoo so it's not too drying.

    I wish I could co-wash and not get overconditioned--it'd be nice to be able to just have one product to use in the shower LOL.
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  • alacurlalacurl Posts: 1,193Registered Users
    I cowash, which includes scalp scrub, 2 to 3 times a week, usually. Maybe a bit more often in hot weather.

    On the other days, I refresh my curls with water and perhaps a small amount of gel.
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  • FrizzBgoneFrizzBgone Posts: 2,678Registered Users
    jillipoo wrote: »
    Riot Crrl wrote: »
    I only consider the co-wash to be the scrubbing thing. I wet down almost every day and condition, but I only scrub the scalp once every two or three days.

    This is exactly what I do. Except sometimes I go as long as four days before I co-wash.
    This is pretty much what I do as well. I co-wash about every 3 days, other than I water rinse and condition. About once a week, or sometimes every 2nd week, I'll shampoo (sulfate free) and then condition.
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  • pinksugarpinksugar Posts: 2,346Registered Users
    I co-wash everyday. By this I mean rub my scalp using a Suave conditioner. I shampoo every Saturday. I haven't had any overconditioning problems since I've been using this routine (a little over a year now).
  • Gemini13Gemini13 Posts: 5,000Registered Users
    I co-wash once a week in the winter and twice a week when the humidity rises. By co-wash I mean I scrub my scalp while there's conditioner on it. I condition daily.
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    alacurl wrote: »
    I cowash, which includes scalp scrub, 2 to 3 times a week, usually. Maybe a bit more often in hot weather.

    On the other days, I refresh my curls with water and perhaps a small amount of gel.
    This is what I do as well. During the summer when I get very sweaty I do co-wash more often; during the winter a couple of times a week; the rest of the week just a lite spritz of water and I'm good to go.
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  • SweetpeasSweetpeas Posts: 58Registered Users
    I conditioner wash my hair everyday. My hair really likes moisture and just seems to eat up conditioner like a sponge. I have very dry hair andI must stay on top of it.:wink:
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  • redcelticcurlsredcelticcurls Posts: 17,502Registered Users
    I condition the length from about the tops of the ears down with each wetting. In the winter, my hair prefers at least every other day. I can go longer in the summer.

    For my scalp, I just WO (water only) but I did try my first ACV rinse today and I scrubbed my scalp with it too.
    Kiva! Microfinance works.

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  • marinacurlzmarinacurlz Posts: 1,720Registered Users
    I'm just starting it myself and my new stylist who is a HUGE CG fan, that you should start co-washing as much as you normally would shampoo and then taper down. She said she herself is down to twice a week. I hope this helps you, and hopefully I can get down to this myself!
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  • susancnwsusancnw Posts: 1,366Registered Users
    Riot Crrl wrote: »
    I only consider the co-wash to be the scrubbing thing. I wet down almost every day and condition, but I only scrub the scalp once every two or three days.

    I'm the same way - think I'll be picking up a DT this week as I am highlighting on Sat.
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  • xcptnlxcptnl Posts: 15,678Registered Users
    I wet my hair everyday - no 2nd day hair for me. So I either poo (no sulfates) or cowash daily. I find because of the shampooing the cowashes do not leave me overconditioned.
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  • Brooke789Brooke789 Posts: 415Registered Users
    I condition my hair (the length) everyday, but I only co-wash once a week. Although this week I had to co-wash after about 3-4 days because of a product I was trying that was causing buildup.
  • Irish_carrottopIrish_carrottop Posts: 214Registered Users
    I do my whole routine, co-washing, conditioning, products, everything, every other day. Is that too much? Could someone tell me?
  • ellageorginaellageorgina Posts: 1,511Registered Users
    I co-wash about once a week - is this not enough?
    I condition every day unless I get 2nd day hair, in which case I add a little moisturising curl creme and some gel.
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  • NicaCurlsNicaCurls Posts: 164Registered Users
    I was doing the same thing you were, co-washing everytime I showered, and I got a little over-conditioned too. So I did an ACV rinse, and now I co-wash about one to two times a week and water wash and condition from the ears down on the days in between. My hair is reacting a lot better. Oh, and I do the scalp scrub every time I co-wash.
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  • hpwitzehpwitze Posts: 11Registered Users
    I co-wash (scrub the scalp) with a 1:1 mixture of conditioner and honey every Sunday.

    I generally I go by how my hair feels when I soak it in the shower. If it feels super soft and silky, I probably over conditioned the day before and I just water rinse.

    If I need to condition, which is most days, I use about 1/2 tbsp and just smooth over the canopy and underneath. I let is soak in while I wash, shave, etc... When I am ready to rinse, I flip my hair over and finger comb. Then I rinse.

    Good Luck!
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  • SpiralliSpiralli Posts: 3,654Registered Users Curl Dabbler
    I CO wash usually every other day, but occasionally I will go to a third day.
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  • FroggiloreFroggilore Posts: 141Registered Users
    I'm new, CG since 24 May 2009. I CO wash everyday otherwise I just look stringy. Also my scalp itches if I do not scrub it. I mix lemon juice with my conditioner once a week to clarify. I haven't tried much else but my canopy has a very hard time holding its curl. Any ideas what I should do to help that?
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  • Curls=BeautyCurls=Beauty Posts: 1,781Registered Users
    I co-wash once a week. Any more than that and my hair is over conditioned.
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  • CurlyCassieRoCurlyCassieRo Posts: 94Registered Users
    I cowash about once a week and condition every other day. Occasionally, I get 3rd day hair.
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    condition: Say Yes to Carrots (also leave in a smidge)
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  • NoraCurlNoraCurl Posts: 345Registered Users
    How often you co-wash isn't necessarily the same as how often you shampoo. Before CG, I shampooed once a week, slowly moving up to twice a week. Right now, how often I co-wash is sort of mixed, but it is often. If I'm wearing my hair in a bun, I skip 1 day of co-washing. If I'm wearing my hair down (which is what I mostly do), then I do it daily. As for the buildup, I would recommend using a clarifying conditioner like V05 Tea Therapy Vanilla Mint or Kiwi Lime Squeeze. For that reason, I've never been overconditioned.
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  • crwrittcrwritt Posts: 705Registered Users
    Does this really mean that you're all getting your heads soaking wet every single day? My hair takes so long to dry I could never stand that. I'm interested in going CG but only if I can find the right routine and products so I can get my head wet at the most twice a week.
    Daily wetting is far too obsessive for me.
    That's why I've been hot roller setting for all these years, it looks good for five days or so.
    I used homemade FSG for the first time yesterday, along with an epsom salt rinse and a bit of Coconut Oil,and it dried very nicely. I woke up this morning with nice wavy hair. So tomorrow morning we'll see what third day hair looks like.
  • Lnm130Lnm130 Posts: 15Registered Users
    I have only been CG for about 2 weeks now, and the first week I co-washed everyday. Then, this last week, maybe every other day. I've 2 2nd day hair days. On the days I don't co-wash, I still condition with the items in my signature. I also use honey a lot...maybe every other time? However, when I wet my hair, it feels soft initially. After I rinse my condish out, I still get a squeaky feeling. Should I go back to co-washing everytime for a bit? I also picked up a placenta treatment, as well as a jojoba oil treatment to try. Just looking for opinions!
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  • Sleepy OwlSleepy Owl Posts: 105Registered Users
    I usually co-wash or low poo every 2-3 days. I have been getting my hair wet almost every day lately though, because I have been trying out new products and I am not patient enough to wait 3 days. ;) (Besides, some of my experiments haven't produced nice 2nd day hair. lol )
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  • Sleepy OwlSleepy Owl Posts: 105Registered Users
    Co-wash as much as you need to. If your hair looks greasy or stringy, then you need to co-wash more often (or use a different product or method.) If I go more than 3 days, I get pretty greasy, but some people can go a week.
    Everyone is different. :)
    2bc f/ii highly porous hair
    CG since Aug '06 ~ (mostly ;) )
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