For those that don't plop...

If you don't plop, I just wondered what you did after you get out the shower?

I've decided plopping isn't for me. I did have some success, but the last couple of weeks, it's just flattened the top of my head into a werd shape. I'm sure I wasn't doing anything different, but it just wasn't working!

So this morning I still applied my products soaking wet, then scrunched it with a MF towel. This was OK but it was still wet round my shoulders and neck whilst I was having my breakfast. I draped the towel round my shoulders so it wans't dripping all over me, then started diffusing, but I could see it might get annoying. It's different to when it was straight, as I used a lot less product so it would just be wet rather than seaweedy all over me!!

So I was just wondering what everyone else did with their hair if they don't plop?

Also, has anybody used AOHR as a DT the way it says on the back of the bottle? i.e. apply to dry hair and leave for 15 mins. How were the results?


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    I don't "plop", but I put on my leave-in condish in the shower and immediately when I get out, I take a supersoft old tee and wrap my hair up like you would with a towel. Then I get dressed and unwrap. No more than 3 minutes I'd guess. Any longer and I'd have a frizzy mess. But that does the trick to take care of sopping wet hair.


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    When I don't plop, I either diffuse right away while soaking wet or squeeze out additional water with t-shirt and stay in a robe until dry enough to not get my clothes wet. I only leave it to air dry without plopping on weekends when an hour in a robe isn't an issue. :)
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    I dont plop but I do my hair right after I get out of the shower. I put in my products then I do scrunch after I put my products in with my curlease towel so that takes quite a bit of water out...then I get dressed...then I diffuse.
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    Thanks guys, yeah I stayed in my robe so I wasn't making a mess :thumright: just thought someone might have a few tricks up their sleeve hehe.
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    Haha, I'm a big wet mess. I just blot dry with a normal, old school towel. Then I get dressed so I don't have to try and pull anything over my head later. I don't really wear anything that is so swanky that a couple drips of water would hurt it. Then I go immediately to the products and diffuser.
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    No plopping for me, my hair is too short. I handle the drippies by scrunching most of the water out: I scrunch my curls after I put my leave-in in, I scrunch my product in, I scrunch with a MF towel. I never drip once I'm done styling. I don't diffuse either -- my hair is usually dry in two hours.
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    I have been taking a break from plopping, so after I am ready to get out I just scrunch some water out with my curlease towel. Then I apply my CK. Last few days I've been putting in some Joiwhip too.
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    Sometimes I plop, sometimes I don't.

    Whether I'm going to or not, I apply my leave-in and gel, then scrunch out the rest of the water with my plopping towel. Then I use claw clips on the top, scrunch again with my plopping towel, let it air dry a bit, then diffuse the roots, letting the ends finish air drying.
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    Plopping makes my curls take weird shapes. What I've been doing for yeeears, though (but only lately with a mf towel to eaze frizzing )to soak up water and keep my clothes dry:

    As soon as I am done showering I drape my towel on my shoulders under my hair like a cape. Then I lift the back up gently until it covers my head, sort of framing my face. I take the ends of the towel which are now draped entirely over the fronts of my shoulders and twist them, then tuck them behind my shoulders, never have trouble with it coming loose. I guess it's sort of an upside down plop, but it doesn't disturb my curls.
  • agoldenloveragoldenlover Posts: 64Registered Users
    I use two full size towels. I apply products to my wet hair first then I scrunch with a full size micro fiber towel or curl ease towel. As I'm scrunching I move my way around the towel so I am only using the dry spots to scrunch with.Then I scrunch again with a second dry micro fiber towel, working my way around my head and moving my hand in the towel to use the dry parts to scrunch with. It takes a little while but my hair air dries so much faster than when I rush.

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    I've tried plopping but found it just didn't work for me - I also found that by putting in the products first then putting a towel on it - it soaked up the product. Now - I comb it in the shower with conditioner, then I scrunch with an ordinary towel til a lot of the water is out then I put in leave-in; and CK so the hair isn't so wet when I put it on; also I find that I don't use as much product.
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    I don't plop cuz I need the added water to define my curls. My hair is very short. Plopping makes my hair too dry and scrunches down my curls.
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