Noobie- opinions please!

I've been going CG for about two weeks. I don't think I'm having much luck with products. First off, what would you categorize my hair? This is using Suave Coconut co-wash, Kenra Moisturizing Condish, and then scrunching sopping wet hair in a microfiber towel with Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Mousse. I don't think the Kenra is much help- seems like my hair is the same softness if I just use the Suave. And I don't know if the Mousse is doing much. I may move on to other products.


Also, went to the salon the other day to touch up my roots and didn't make her cut it. I would love longer hair, but it gets awfully big and fro-y. Now that I'm doing the CG, do you think I can get away with longer hair? And what should I do with all the layers?



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    I think my hair looked quite similar to yours at that length. You can see at least a front view in my fotki under short hair.

    Mine when through a "big" stage as it was growing out (about an inch or 2 longer than yours I think) and my stylist did the dreaded thinning out which did actually help a little. It's much longer now and the weight of it seems to keep it from poufing. I haven't had any layers cut in and only one trim in 8 months. The layers I have are old layers from when it was shorter.
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    I vote that if the Kenra is not providing any perceivable moisture for you, get rid of it and try something else. It also sounds like the mousse isn't having much results.

    It kind of sounds like you would like it more weighed down. I don't believe there is anything wrong with that. Feel free to use enough moisture and styling product to weigh it down more, if that is what you would like.