top of the head flatness and frizz.. help?!

Yesterday I lemon washed, DT, and plopped. the length and back got great curl def but the top and sides were limp and oh my the frizz on top! Is this from plopping? and what about the frizz problem:sad8:
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    Depending on the type of towel you are using for plopping, it can definitely give you frizz. I used to plop with a MF towel, but have since switched to the Curlease towel. The MF towels dry it much quicker, but I get frizz very easily with them. I never get any frizz with the Curlease towel.

    Are you putting in enough product? After I take off my towel, I almost always have to scrunch a bit more product into my hair. The plopping seems to remove some of it ... again it is much better with the Curlease towel, but I still have to put some in. The MF towel used to take a lot of the product out of my hair.
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