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So my hair is CRAZY!!!It's 3b and one second it looks all right and the's out of control. I'm so tired of wearing it up EVERYDAY!!! Does anyone have any suggestions of some good products to help me out?:)


  • prettysinisterprettysinister Posts: 67Registered Users
    Take a good look at this thread:

    Before going CG, I could never wear my hair down! Now, I only wear my hair up at work! It really makes a difference.
  • brionybriony Posts: 11Registered Users
    Try carrying a bottle of John Freida frizz eaze hair syrum in you bag with you. If ever your hair gets too 'out of control' put a small drop into your hands, rub them together and run it through your hair. It's especially good for calming the frizz on top. Just make sure not to use too much or it will make your hair hard and crispy.

    Briony (3a/b)
    Long(ish) blonde(ish) 3a/b hair, that is lovely one minute, and a shrub the next :thumbdown:

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