Trying to fix my routine

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Hello everyone! Thank you all so much for your wonderful posts, I am learning a ton!

I have been going cg for about a month, but since I moved from the midwest to Milan, Italy, I just started to follow a routine, and that's what I need desperate help with!

I went all out and pooed with HCC, did a BS rinse with sugar scrub, CO with 50/25/25 honey, [buylink=]too Shea[/buylink] and WDT, rinsed (but not completely), used a nickle sized amount of WDT as a leave in, did an ACV rinse, used about 50/50 RR and [buylink=]CCSS[/buylink], and a little TIghtly Wound. Attached is the picture of the result.


I smoothed all produces on, and then scrunched and then scrinched in just a spritz or 2 of TW.

Now I feel my hair is too greasy (it have super dry hair, so I am experimenting), and maybe is isn't 2c after all, as I realize from these pictures. I need help! Today my scalp feels dirty for the first time and my hair actually feels greasy! Also, since I am in Italy and won't be back on the US until July, I am worried I will run out of products (I bought the full pack from JC, and I have 3 TW and 3 LOOB - the beginning of a PJ - since I figured I would try them out!), so I as thinking to lighten up on my use of the JC products, but then I realized I do no know what to use to poo, since I usually use HCC.... aaargh!

2c/3a - Miii - Coarse - Low porosity I think

CG since 02/08

low-poo, 20/80 honey and JC TS, ACV rinse, honey and TW


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