ACV, Baking Soda...Help!

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What order do I do these?

Or is it one or the other!
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    I was wondering about that too? I really noticed a difference after the ACV rinse, but don't want to do it too often if it's stripping or in any way drying.
    I thought that the baking soda was a one time thing as you were beginning a CG routine. Because it basically worked as a clarifying poo would. I did it once and my hair felt too "squeaky" clean and stripped.
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    I am relatively new, but I have been wondering ust about the same thing, so I did some research on this site to figure it out!
    Apparently, Baking Soda is basic/alkaline, with a pH of 8, which is the same as most shampoos, and it causes the cuticles of the hair to open, thus it may cause fizzyness.
    ACV is acidic, with a pH around 4, and helps to rebalance the pH of hair, which is neutral to slightly acidic at around 7, and it closes the cuticles of the hair thus bringing shine and softness. ACV is also used to seal in color after dying, both on hair and wool, and it has been found not to change the hue of color treated hair (as per the testimonials of this same site!).
    I have just started figuring out my hair, and when I first went no-poo I went cold turkey, though I already only pooed max twice a week. I did a baking soda rinse and scubbed my scalp with it and brown sugar... it felt great, and my hair felt good afterwards. I have just started experimenting with ACV rinses, and I used it after everything else to seal in moisture... I may be wrong about this, so I hope someone else will chime in!
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    Thank you for all of the info. I was doing the ACV rinse before conditioning. Maybe that order was defeating the whole purpose.
  • WildflowerWildflower Registered Users Posts: 112

    I did the baking soda last Saturday afternoon, as per Lorraine Masseys book - I condition washed first.

    Then I did the Baking soda and left it to dry - I didn't put anything in it.

    The result? soft, fluffy (in a good way) ringlets that were thick and defined. It was so good I didnt even rewet it to go out that night - just put some Leave in over the top and went out! I had a friend of mine tell me she'd never seen my hair in such good condition both in shine and definition. Plus her hairdresser friend was intrigued by no shampoo!
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  • micol124micol124 Registered Users Posts: 171
    Wildflower, Uhmm is right! Maybe I will try it. What kind of hair do you have? I tried to go to view your pictures but the link won't work
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  • HarleyCurlHarleyCurl Registered Users Posts: 256
    I'd love to hear more about baking soda. Wildflower, you said you did baking soda last Saturday afternoon and then left it to dry.

    Would you be a sweetie and explain a little further for me? TIA
  • WildflowerWildflower Registered Users Posts: 112
    Firstly, that link is dead as I need to update my photos, which I hope to do soon.

    When I did the Baking Soda rinse it was only experimental and give my hair a good rinse as I was beginning to not pass the "smell test" and it had been a week since I'd done the brown sugar/conditioner treatment.

    I got my bathroom cup (which, is one of those reheatable plastic soup cups with the plastic lid!) and filled it with warm calls for a cup of warm water, but this is just a little over...maybe more like 300ml. I then stirred in a tablespoon of Baking soda.

    It says to apply it with a spray bottle, but not having one handy, I put it into an old Ouidad 250ml conditioner bottle.

    I actually washed my hair over the bath, so it was all flipped forward, which perhaps accounted for the volume I had.

    I did a CO wash through the scalp and ends and rinsed, then I applied the baking soda through my hair, with one hand making sure I caught the ends as well as all over the scalp. I massaged it into the scalp and left for one minute.

    I then rinsed in cold water. I "blotted" my hair and massaged my scalp to get it to sit right after being upside down and then let it air dry!

    That night I just rubbed my normal conditioner in my hands with a touch of honey and scrunched the curls when dry.
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  • miralalunamiralaluna Registered Users Posts: 168
    These sites should guide you in the right direction. They are wonderful.

    Info about going no poo:

    No poo community (check the tags in the left-hand column for specific topics):

    A tablespoon or two per 500ml of water is usually enough. I don't use it anymore, but when I did, I would pour it into a big plastic cup. In the shower, I'd divide my hair into sections with a big clip and pour some of the solution over each section and massage in. After all sections are done, rinse out. Follow it with either some diluted ACV (3 or so tablespoons per 500ml) or lemon juice (1 whole lemon diluted in 500ml water).
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    If I remember correctly, an ACV rinse is used to remove greasy/oily build up and the Baking Soda spritz helps remove product build-up. I wouldn't recommend doing them both in the same day. Chemical reactions can tear the heck out of your hair.

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    I love doing rinses with baking soda or vinegar.

    I do one of the foloowing:

    - Half baking soda and half water. I just pour this over my hair and watch my curls spring back into motion.

    -Half part vinegar (or ACV) and half part water.

    Both give me great results.

    I also use baking soda w/ hydrogen peroxide to make highlights. :)
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  • Riot CrrlRiot Crrl Registered Users Posts: 3,135
    They should both cut buildup.

    ITA with micol, vinegar is acidic and should lie the scales down. Baking soda is slightly basic, but also weird in that it seems to seek to neutralize pH. If anything it may raise the scales slightly, resulting in more volume.

    I have color damage and dryness. I've never put baking soda in my hair; I'm afraid of it for that reason. I have used vinegar rinses with awesome results.

    It depends what you want your hair to do. They should both cut buildup/overmoisture. If your hair is healthy but seems lank and you want volume, baking soda could be a totally decent option. I just haven't tried it. Vinegar seems to accomplish the same goal for me without de-acidifying it which I don't want to do, but that's because of my individual situation.
  • curly01curly01 Registered Users Posts: 284 Curl Neophyte
    Anyone know if the ACV rinse is safe for color treated hair (semi-perm type)? And if so, how long to wait after coloring before using ACV?
  • Riot CrrlRiot Crrl Registered Users Posts: 3,135
    Yes, it is. It might actually help with color-fastness. (Or not.)

    I never liked to do anything at all right after color-treating if I could get away with it, including even getting it wet for 2-3 days if possible. As soon as you have to get it wet anyway, this should be fine.

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