Help!!!!!: In need of a new hairstyle

jojolove20jojolove20 Posts: 38Registered Users
My dilemma is that i find it difficult to think of different hairstyles for curly hair.

My problems include:
-the fact that my hair is supppperrr short after i wash it. so i braid it at nite, and wen i wake up it open it up the curls are looser making it look longer. but the lower part of my hair in the back, is so much curlier, poofier, and shorter than the rest no matter what i do.

-also the fact that my hair is so flat on top of my head really annoys me. i feel like my head looks like a triangle @ times because its flat on top, and my hair widens the longer it gets. ughh. i would like volume on top as well, like i have seen on other women..

check out the pics, and let me know what you think and if you can help! thanx.
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  • AmdaAmda Posts: 251Registered Users
    Try looking up 'clipping' to get volume on top of your head - Shellynot has made a bunch of videos to help with it on this site:
    Sorry, but I've got no idea about another style, either. Although to be honest, your hair looks gorgeous just the way it is :)
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  • CurlyCkmCurlyCkm Posts: 4Registered Users
    Omg your hair looks so nice as it is. You are lucky that it looks nourished and not dry like mine. There is no need to change it..:D
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  • lifeinmyrootslifeinmyroots Posts: 20Registered Users
    It looks fine as it is. Maybe half up half downs hair styles can work
  • FlowercurlsFlowercurls Posts: 6Registered Users
    I actually really like the way it looks as it is.

    Personally, I like to style my hair so that I flip my hair over and grab the front section of my hair, and when I flip my hair back I kind of pin it into a slight poof at the top of my forehead...If that makes sense...Maybe you could give that a try? (Kind of like half up half down)

    I do this hairstyle because I also find that it gets very flat on top of my head sometimes, and this hairstyle totally helps!

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