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I have very curly hair, type 3B. My hair is also long. When I wash it, I love how it looks and the length. However about 15 minutes later my hair scrunches up to become short and forms really tight curls. I've asked my hair stylists on how I can retain my length and they give me products that don't work or that have my hair feeling like dried noodles. What products can I use so that my hair keeps the length and feels soft?




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    Don't quote me on this, but I don't think there's much you can do to make your curl pattern looser w/o chemicals. You could try braiding your hair. I generally encourage my hair to be curlier so I really don't have many tips! As for softness, just try some new products. You can ask around for advice, maybe the 3b board. Cremes are good for winter, moisturizing, and should make your hair softer. Also a good CO will help. Here's a great thread:
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    after you wash your hair, leave a little bit of conditioner in your hair. this will mosturize your hair and cut down on frizz. like whimaway, i also try to enhanse my curl so i dont really have any tips in the department. sorry. but i hope this helps and good luck.
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    you could use a diffuser :) it doesnt mess up the style and it keeps your hair looking the same way it did when you washed it.

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