Revelation: I'm a Botticelli!!

For my entire 22 years on this planet, I never knew what TYPE of hair I was.
I could not, for the life of me figure it out. I knew my hair was too curly to be wavy, but not curly enough to be curly.
My curls are very vertical and flat. I have a STRONG s-pattern that looks like it WANTS to spiral, but never quite gets there til the very end of the strand.

They're rope-y (my mom says my tendrils look like a rope would if it were unwound) and I couldn't figure it out, until I saw BotticelliBabe's pictures (TY again!).

Her hair is EXACTLY how mine looks. So, there. I'm a Botticelli Babe, too! :)

Here's my question - How do I know if I'm a 2C Botticelli or a 3A Botticelli? I have a TON of fine/medium hair, either way you look at it, but because Botticelli curls look like DEEP waves or flattened curls, I can't figure out if I'm more of a curly or wavy.
Also, aren't 3A's technically with thin hair? I don't have anything close to thin hair.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, I'd love to hear from fellow-Botticelli's!


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    CSteen85 wrote: »
    Also, aren't 3A's technically with thin hair? I don't have anything close to thin hair.

    I think you're confusing thin with fine. When it comes to typing 2's, A=fine B=medium C=coarse. This is the thickness of the individual hair strands, not the amount of hair in general.

    When typing 3's, it's more about the tightness of the curl.

    That said, I'm a 3A with very fine strands, but a whole lot of hair (thick).

    I'm not very good at typing, but I'm sure someone will chime in with some thoughts.

    Hope this helps!
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    You are SO welcome!!! I'm just glad I was able to help in my own odd way! *lol*

    I actually call myself a 2c/3a because I have both on my head. My canopy is 2c, and underneath is 3a. So, you may not need to pick just one - lots of us have more than one type, some as many as three (the 3's and 4s are really good at that!)

    Your mom described "our" hair well. *lol* I call myself deeply waved to curly - that way I don't have to choose, or I would hurt my brain. :laughing7:

    Oh oh oh...I almost forgot - for second day hair, if you're going to plop, wet down REALLY well first. You gotta be pliable. Otherwise, your ropes will not curl up, but fold instead and then dry all goofy. I was going to try just rinsing (not actually water washing, but not cowashing either) to essentially get back to square one for styling without cowashing, but I haven't tried it yet. If you do it, let me know how it goes!

    Ok - I really gotta go eat now! *lol*

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    I just figured out yesterday that I have Botticelli curls! But no matter how much gel I put in, it goes from really curly when wet to really straightened out when dry. I have thick, blonde hair, and it's on the longer side, about an inch (naturally curled) bellow my armpit. I have "Virgin" hair. I shower at night, plop over night and defuse a little in the morning (and three washes ago I started the CG method and my hair's getting curlier). Do I just keep doing the CG method and hope the curls start to stay for a longer amount of time? it takes about an 1/2 hour to flatten out. I'm also in a humid cold climate so I know that really doesn't help and I've been adding more and more leave-in conditioner to my hair every time I wash. Tips and tricks would be wonderful. I'm trying to do all the research I can. but it's actually really hard for me to find anything about Botticelli curls. I'm in the type 2's type of curl but I don't know which one exactly. My hair is a bit frizzy, a lot if I brush it, which I've stopped doing.
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    Welcome to CurlTalk @Sarah_Smith_Botticelli!

    Your hair might need some protein to keep the waves going all day.  I can tell when my hair needs protein is when my curls all fall out.

    Another thought is that plopping overnight is taking out too much of your gel.  Try taking the plop out before you sleep and see if that helps.  You can do a pineapple up on top of your head for sleeping.
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