New hairstyle!

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Soo basically I hate the length I'm at now, so I whipped out some clips the other day and experimented.

Right now, I'm LOVING this style I came up with. I basically loosely pin back my sides (a large chunk of hair from forehead to ear on each side), and secure back my bangs with a bobby pin, and I get a really loose, out-of-my-face look that my roommate drools over. :toothy7:

Pics in my fotki!
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  • msjananimsjanani Registered Users Posts: 624
    Super cute! I like that it makes your hair seem longer!
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    Oooh! My hair is a pretty similar cut/lenght -- I'm going to have to try that. It really looks good and I really like that last one -- looks so elegant!!
  • DoodlesDoodles Registered Users Posts: 1,984
    you look gorgeous in the last photo!!!
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