what do you use when they wear their hair out?

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My daughter, who is 1 1/2, is a wavy, curly, frizzy, thin haired 3b/3c. 98% of the time I put her hair in pig tails that are twisted. Every once and a while I don't feel like fighting with her to sit still so I can do her ponytails, so I let her wear her hair out. After a few hours her hair is all over the place looking like Diana Ross. Now I know that with her being only 1 her hair is not going to stay in place however, what can I do about the frizzness on the rare occasion (picture days etc) when we wear our hair out. Her hair is very thin so I don't want to weigh her hair down. also I am not a big fan of putting "styling" products in her hair. I wash her hair once a week with burt bees baby wash, condition with California baby, comb through, Rinse, add a little more as a leave in, then air dry. For daily styling I use some Jojoba oil and aloe vera gel. What do you use on thoes special occassions to keep the hair nice.
Even if it is only for a few hours.


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    You are doing just fine... What a beautiful little curly! ;)

    You just want something more or is it getting too frizzy the longer its out?

    I use a light mixture of glycerin and water with a few drops of oil in a spray bottle to give a little shimmer. This is the same base used in curl activator. You want to have way more water so it's moist, but not sticky. You might have to experiment a little. I use a tablespoon of glycerin to 5 oz of water on my fine-med thick 3c.
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    Oh my gosh I just want to squish her. :love5: She is the most adorable little girl!!
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    Kitara wrote: »
    Oh my gosh I just want to squish her. :love5: She is the most adorable little girl!!

    I get her first. I wish I could offer suggestions, but all I can offer is my praise for 'making' such a cutie.
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