My niece's hair is a frizzy mess!!HELP PLEASE (pics)

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My niece was dropped off at my home so shes been staying here for a while and she said this is usually when she takes her bath and combs her hair. I said I could do that.

I worked conditioner through all of her hair and combed it, but I really didn't understand what I was doing. Her hair dried messy and frizzy, and she started to cry! I had to re-comb and re-curl and then put into a ponytail just to hide my mistakes. How do I handle her hair? I think she's a 3B. Here are some pics. Please help me!!!! I don't want to get yelled at by her mom.

Shes bi-racial and her hair is so hard to handle.
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    My goodness look at those pretty curls!

    Okay now that ive gotten that out the way, may i ask what conditioner you used on her hair? Did you leave it in once you were done or did you follow up with a second leave in conditioner?

    And i doubt her hair is hard to handle, you just need to find the right products for her. :)
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    I have to concur that her curls are very beautiful.

    You might ask her about her routine. She might not be able to tell you things like brand names but she can probably relate somewhat how much conditioner she usually gets, whether more gets added after rinsing, things like that.

    Did she cry because of the combing, or because of the end result? If it's the former, more conditioner and starting at the very ends and working up toward the roots as slowly as you possibly can. If the latter, more leave in and/or maybe she normally gets a gel or curl cream or something too.
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    she has gorgeous hair!

    did you ask her what happens after she takes a bath? i know kids tend to leave out "taking a bath and combing my hair" can actually mean "taking a bath, using xyz conditioner, leaving it on a while, rinsing it out, applying xyz product." i could be wrong, but she looks like shes old enough to show you as well as tell you how they take care of her hair at home. maybe next time have her do it or ask her if you did it the way shes used to having it done.

    good luck.
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    Thank you all for the nice comments about her hair.

    Well I did ask her today and she said that her mom usually puts a lot of conditioner on her hair, and puts it everywhere. She said her mom uses Suave or Dove most of the time cuz it's cheap. She said then she takes a wide-toothed comb and worked out all the snarls and then styled it with gel.

    Thanks. I am going to do it over today, what should I do with it? I am going to use Suave because it's the only product I have that she uses.
    "Women are made to be loved, not understood."

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