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I found the CG book and NC site about two weeks ago, and I'm OBSESSED! Like everyone here, I've struggled with my hair for years and years, embraced the curls about five years ago, but have never been too satisfied with my hair. I have high hopes for the CG routine, and am already seeing great things.

My hair has been quite oily at the scalp, weighed down and sort of greasy looking, after two weeks of no poo and CO washing. Thank goodness yesterday the greasiness seemed to ease up, but I still feel like I have build up on my hair. I'm using Suave Naturals to wash, and Biolage Hydrating Balm to condition, and Lorraine's lavendar spray on my scalp. Just got the Jessicurl trial pack in the mail today, can't wait to try it tomorrow. I'm thinking the Jessicurl line might help with the build up feeling. Also plan to try an ACV rinse.

How long has it taken for some of you to start seeing good results after starting the CG routine? I know it will take some time for my hair to "adjust," but I'm just wondering how long. Any words of wisdom for those new to the CG way of life?
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    I too often get an oily scalp. I shampoo w/ a sulfate free poo every 3 days. If I don't, my hair is just really yucky and my dh actually told me it didn't smell too nice either :oops:

    No pooing isn't for everybody. Experiementing is the name of the game! Different things work for different people even if you have a very similar hair type.

    In the Jessicurl sample pack you bought (funny that you bought that first; that was the first thing I bought when I found the [buylink=]Hair Cleansing Cream[/buylink] (HCC) might be all you need. I personally can only use that about every 3rd washing. It can be too moisturizing for hair is VERY fine and tends to get weighed down w/ too much moisture. I'm always looking for things to give my hair body.

    Right now I poo w/ Avalon Organic Lavender nourishing shampoo that i found at trader Joes. I'm very happy with it. I love the smell of lavender. On other days I co wash with Suave condish........I have 4 different ones that I rotate.......Aloe, milk & honey, coconut and mango peach (I think.)

    Anyway, like I said b/4 experiement and READ the boards. These ladies have so much information. I'm light years ahead of where I was just 1 month ago! AND today somebody I hadn't seen in about 8 months said my hair looked the best she had ever seen. She asked me what I did to my hair. This was the FIRST thing out of her mouth. Hey I must be doing something right to get a reaction like that~!
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    SuperCurl is right - strict CG isn't for everyone. however, it sounds like your hair might still be in the adjustment period. definitely massage your scalp really well every shower whether you're co-washing or just with water, that should really help.
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    I'm no expert. I've only been CGing for a month but my hair looked like crap for the first week. It takes your scalp a while to get used to not making as much oil, I think. I've been using DevaCurl's no-poo (I think its similiar to the [buylink=]Jessicurl HCC[/buylink]) twice a week for now. I don't know if that counts as strict CG or not but I've been using the no poo when my hair feels icky or limp the day before, trying to get a decent schedule down.

    The main thing is, on condition only days, really scrub it into your scalp. I massage it around there for 2-3 minutes and my head always feels clean afterwards. It's the friction that really cleans it off (from what I understand). You can't just plop it on there and let it sit.
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    amandag - devacurl's low poo is actually more similar to [buylink=]jessicurl HCC[/buylink], and no poo is pretty much a washing conditioner. so no poo definitely counts as "real" CG, and low poo or HCC count as "modified" (unless you're a wavy, then you're "allowed" to use shampoo once a week or so).

    all that said, lots of people use low poo or HCC and still call it "real" CG.
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    Definitely massage your scalp well under water in the shower. I would also only co wash once or twice a week. If you have a tendency for your scalp to get oily, you don't want to be rubbing conditioner on it too often. Condition only the ends daily.
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    Veronica, if your scalp is really oily you could try using the [buylink=]Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream[/buylink] (or any mild cleanser like [buylink=]Devacurl Low Poo[/buylink]) on your scalp when you wash or when your scalp feels extra oily, and then using only conditioner (or No Poo) to wash the rest of your hair.
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    My scalp is oily so I use Low-Poo on my scalp every other day. I avoid to get conditioner on it too.

    I found out about CG about 1 1/2 years ago and I have tried many different routines since then. Now I feel like I have finally figured my hair out.
    It got over conditioned on "full" CG so I do modified but use a clafifying shampoo now and then to remove hard water buildup.

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    I wanted to thank everyone for all the great advice. I think my scalp is probably too oily to do much CO washing, and even for HCC, although I really wanted to love it. (I've been scrubbing and massaging like mad) I'm trying to take my time and not change my routine too fast, but I honestly think I just produce a lot of oil on my scalp (and on my face!). I have some other plans in the works, but they all involve sulfate-free, 'cone-free products. If only I could find a way to get the oil at the top of my scalp down to the ends!!! It's been tempting to dry-brush, but I've refused to give in.

    My new game plan is to try washing every 3 days with Avalon Organics 'poo followed by [buylink=]Too Shea[/buylink] condish; washing on the off days with water only and not conditioner, and then conditioning with Suave Naturals lavender on the ends only. When I was using sulfates, I thought I needed a super duper conditioner, but I'm discovering my hair is not really so dry (I'm very thankful for that!).

    And joy of joys, I have an appointment next week for a cut with a DCC stylist. Wish me luck!
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    Good luck! :D
    I used Avalon Organics Tea Tree Mint shampoo in the beginning actually. Helped lots. Then I had less oil and could go with milder stuff. Washing with only conditioner doesn't work for me.

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    veronica wrote:
    I'm using Suave Naturals to wash, and Biolage Hydrating Balm to condition, and Lorraine's lavendar spray on my scalp.

    Veronica, the Biolage Hydrating Balm isn't CG friendly. That's probably what's causing your build-up and yucky feeling. I'm sorry. :(

    I wouldn't have known that, either, but I happened to see a thread on it on the reviews board right before I popped in here and saw your thread.

    When you get your jessicurl, I'd wash twice with the [buylink=]hair cleansing cream[/buylink] to get all the amodimethicone from the Biolage Balm out. Then you'll be starting with a clean slate and you'll probably start seeing a huge difference.

    I'm sorry about this!
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    Do what I did when I decided to stop using shampoo every other day. I would go for three days without shampooing, then shampoo. Do another three days before shampooing and now your scalp will be used to three days. Now you go four days without shampooing, then shampoo. Do this again. I'd love those lazy weekends where I don't have anything social planned. It lets me feel a little greasy without having to do anything about it.

    You can see the pattern. Now go five days, then six days, a week between shampoos. This lets your hair and scalp adapt to fewer shampoos.

    I was washing weekly and this was before doing CG. When I started CG, I decided to CO twice a week at first and did one last regular shampoo a week into CG. I haven't used shampoo since! I did the CO two or three times a week and have now stretched that out to a week between COs, but using conditioners several times a week for moisture (I've been able to stop doing that every day as my hair has become healthier).

    If I had started CG when I used to shampoo every other day my hair would have looked and felt TERRIBLE! I think our skin and scalps can adapt to what we are doing. With shampoo, we have trained our hair and scalp to produce more oil since we're stripping oils out. When we go CG that retrains our hair. Some can retrain easily, but others need time.

    I highly recommend getting away from any shampoo if you're curly. CO washing works great. Of course, wavies can still use safer shampoos. My hair is so much curlier without disrupting my hair with lather and scrubbing. That's why I like only CO washes once a week. Even CO seemed to make my hair puffy and I would need to do a DT. Funny when I used to think I had oily hair, but could never understand why my hair was always dry at the ends.
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    along with the other advice you allready have (great advice btw) i wanted to stress about scrubbing your scalp really well on days when you don't co wash or use a no-poo (using only water). that helped me out more than anything. someone said on here once about the scrubbing: to scrub almost till it hurts. scrub scrub scrub (with the pads of your fingers) and then scrub some more. i could tell a big difference in the beginning of cg when i got lazy and didn't scrub so well. more oiliness. it took me till about week 4 before i was over the nasty oily stage.
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    My suggestion is to use an exfoliating scrub with just baking soda and water. I had/have an oily scalp and using the baking soda scrub was SO helpful. If need be, you can even place the scrub on your scalp without scrubbing - thus allowing you to use it more often. When I first started the CG routine, I had baking soda in my hair every other day and it helped so much. My theory is that the baking soda absorbed the excess oil without stripping my hair. But that's just something I made up! :D HTH
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