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I've gone on a very tight diet (my husband and I are trying to get debt free) so it's mostly grilled fish or chicken with grilled vegetables or on a salad. I want to spice it up a bit and I found a store where I could buy sushi so I do it once (ok sometimes twice) a week. I'd really like to make my own, but I'm curious about what kind of fish to use. I know it needs to be very fresh, but is there a special kind of sushi fresh fish you need to use? Thanks for any help :wink:


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    If you can eat it rare, you can eat it raw. Not like beef where you have to worry about the cut edges.

    Just look for freshness and make sure it wasn't previously frozen. Tuna is quality graded, you want sashimi quality. Which doesn't mean it is fresh or not previously frozen, it's just a quality grade of how the fish was in its original state.

    Salmons and tunas are a good place to start, stay away from cheap whitefish because it just won't be tasty. You are going to want some of the more expensive fishes, but the good thing about making rolls is that 1/4 lb can stretch out a long way.

    Cooked frozen shrimp and crab are also good. They were cooked and frozen on the vessel and have been frozen ever since, so there are relatively few freshness issues.
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    Thanks so much for that info! I love sushi but I have been very deprived since moving to OK. I just don't feel like paying for the pre made stuff (plus I have to drive 20 minutes to get it).
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    Also, don't forget to add some wasabi down the center of the (hand?) roll, and to make good sushi rice, with vinegar added. Plain steamed rice just won't taste right. :)

    Yum, now I'm craving sushi...
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    Yes, googling "sushi rice" will get you a zillion recipes for the rice. Some have fancier ingredients but all you really need is the rice vinegar, sugar and salt. The fanning isn't truly necessary unless you are in a hurry to roll it, you can also just let it cool.

    Also if you want a vegetarian alternative (or served along your seafood rolls to further stretch the expensive seafood) tofu is mighty good, especially if marinated and/or fried or baked before rolling.

    Mmm sushi. Good thing I'm at home today or I'd be on my way to happy hour...

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