help , a little too much volume :(

patooshipatooshi Posts: 41Registered Users
i have 3b , some 3c curly hair. i also have straight side bangs..
its about 2 inches below my shoulders , but i've noticed it's been getting kinda poofy all around , and at the back..
it's just too much hair :(
should i layer? thin with a razor? << (is that bad for your hair?)
i don.t want an actual shorter length , and i don't want a lions mane.
what do i tell a stylist i want? i'm scared since i've had a lot of hair disasters :/

i use sunsilk , tresemme shampoo and conditioner , and comb my hair with a wide toothed comb.



  • waterlily716waterlily716 Posts: 781Registered Users
    Have you heard about the Curly Girl method?
    The basic concepts are not shampooing (it dries out curly hair--use conditioner instead) and avoiding silicones. The products you listed are usually riddled with silicones. Ask for some product recs on the 3b thread. A lot of curlies (including me) get good results from trying this. I recommend visiting the links and reading Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. Aside from that, razoring is bad for your hair because it will make your ends look ratty. Long layers are always good though. HTH! btw, love your slippers. :wink:
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  • Riot CrrlRiot Crrl Posts: 3,135Registered Users
    Yeah, razoring can look cool on straight hair but on ours it just makes it look kinda like we have breakage.

    It's very cute as it is now. CG might help with what you're looking for. So might heavier moisturization and weightier styling products.
  • shellynotshellynot Posts: 1,140Registered Users
    i love your hair! to reduce the bulk, i'd say layering. Avoid thinning like the plague. Thinning = flyaways = frizz mania.
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    "Your head is like a crown on you.
    It is as beautiful as Mount Carmel.
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    I am captured by your flowing curls."
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    You have the type of curl that most people envy! Very beautiful. I don't have any advice except to say just leave it be. Don't fix what ain't broken.

  • jojolove20jojolove20 Posts: 38Registered Users
    OMG you should leave it! real talk girl, that is how im tryin to get my hair to look.
    :)Please Don't Hate in 2008 :)
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  • curlyarmocurlyarmo Posts: 65Registered Users
    your hair is GORGEOUS!!! i wish i had hair like that!!

    thick, 3b curls
  • Readi2BcurlieReadi2Bcurlie Posts: 35Registered Users
    wow, your hair is beautiful as is, I'd leave it, but that's just in my opinion
    type 4a/ daughter type 4a/3c/newgrowth=2b
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  • Airshorty67Airshorty67 Posts: 3Registered Users
    girl keep your hair like it!

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