just received my curlmart order

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I was very excited to receive my big box in the mail today, and can't wait to try all my new products. I do however have a bit of constructive criticism about my order, mostly little things, hope that is ok.

First off, while the bottles of Devacurl were taped on the top to keep them from opening, the caps themselves were not screwed on tightly enough, and had loosened in the mail and leaked a bit - luckily I didn't lose a lot of product, and luckily none got on my book, but I am thinking if you gals make sure that all caps are screwed on tightly, and perhaps a bit more tape, that wouldn't happen. Also, the devaclips tin opened and I had to wade through all the packing material to find them all, so maybe a bit of tape on those as well.

Secondly, you might want to clarify in the Curlmart that the satin pillowcases are only one per package - I was trying to figure that out when I was purchasing, and on the description it is all in the plural, and there is no specification as to whether it is one per package or a pair, so I figured that most pillowcases come in sets of two, so this was likely the same. Not a big deal, I'll just order another with my next order.

And lastly, just a thought, but biodegradable packing peanuts might be better than the styrofoam ones, not a complaint, just a suggestion.

But seriously, I am thrilled with my order, and am going to go read my Curly Girl book right now - so glad I found this site, thanks!

2c/3a - finally found my hair groove, yay!


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    Thanks for your note. I'll talk to the clerks about tightening down the lids. That's SOP, but I guess someone slipped up.

    On the pillowcases, you select the number you want, so I thought it was clear, but I'll certainly update the description to reflect your suggestion.

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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