What would you class my hair as?

SarahSpiralSarahSpiral Posts: 4Registered Users
As some of you may have seen, my hair is half permed and half natural... Or may be 3/4 perm and 1/4 natural. Anyway, my roots are straight but when my hair grows it always turns 'frizzy' as the ends if I naturally dry my hair with no product and I usually used to brush my hair aswell. I always classed myself as a damaged straight-haired-person. Hmmm... I know I cannot tell what my natural hair is like until it grows outs. Here are a couple of pictures when I have straightened my hair but the ends have got blow and/or wet.
I used to also class my hair as 'kinky' but the kinky hair on Google's image results definitely isn't my idea of kinky!

These are from over a year ago...





Please bare in mind, my hair was straightened with straightening irons and then hairsprayed and then ironed again *cringe*.


  • AliceInWonderlandAliceInWonderland Posts: 32Registered Users
    Well, honey, I'm no expert, but I'm going to say that there's no way anyone can classify your hair without seeing it in its natural state. Post pics of after you get out of the shower, and after it's dried naturally. The experienced girls here will be able to tell you what you have. If you look at my pics, you'll be seeing 2a/b, so that will give you an idea of that type, anyway. :D
  • SarahSpiralSarahSpiral Posts: 4Registered Users
    Hey Alice,
    Thanks a lot for replying to me.
    Well my dilemma is that my hair is acutally spirally permed right now. My roots grow straight but as my hair gets longer it starts going flicky especially around my face. Before I got my hair permed, I would never leave my hair in its natural state. It was always leave it overnight (which it would then go extremely frizzy) and then in the morning straighten it.

    Your hair is stunning. Flowing with health. You are very lucky to have such a great head of natural hair.
  • sidewindersidewinder Posts: 24Registered Users
    I concur--let it dry naturally,girl and let's see! :D

    2A very thin, very fine-basically baby hair. Current faves: suave and vo5 co wash, Nexxus Ensure condish, Aussie tizz no frizz and gel+h2o combo. Desperately seeking replacement for hairspray!

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