I hate my hair *cries*

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Hi, my name is Cassandra/Katsumi and i'm 18years old and currently living in London.
I am half english, quarter african and quarter polish/ukranian with some italian and basque french in me from somewhere down my mother's side, so as you can probably imagine - i'm quite a hybrid ^-^ Sometime people can mistake me for being spanish/italian because of my olive skin and brown/bronze curly hair.
However... after years of dealing with my hair on a day to day basis i am getting tired of all the effort - especially seen as the majority of the time, it doesnt pay off...
Its dry, frizzy and generally unpleasant to deal with - i have to wash/wet it each day to try to get the curls looking nice and frizz free, but it just doesnt work and i am really getting upset about it. I really want to try making it a lighter colour/putting some highlights in it but with it being the way it is, there is no chance....
Here i have two photos - one about 2-3 years ago and one just recently (please ignore the whole posing thing on the recent one - it was for an art project). It may look good and stuff on a picture but it looks very different up close and I just feel depressed by it.


Obviously I can't brush it when it is dry (otherwise it turns into a giant afro..-_-) and aside from doing a centre parting I dont know what else to do with it because it is so thick (it has broken combs and hair clips alike!). Moose wont work, generally neither will gel. I can't straighten it because its so light that it floats about and gets frizzy once ive straightened it. It's driving me nuts so pleaseeeeeeee can someone help me?
- Katsumi xx


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    Hi! I would love to write a big long post of advice for you, but I'm running short on time, so I'd just like to say that you really have beautiful hair! The length is awesome and I really like your color ( I wish my hair was darker). Also, your hair is unique and it looks like it fits your personality! So don't give up! Stick around this board, read old threads, and I promise you'll start learning about your hair and how to take care of it so that it looks its best!

    I really hope to see you around! Good luck! :D
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    I'll trade hair with you! Yours is gorgeous! :D
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    You are a stunning young lady and your curls give you sort of a lovely, exotic look. I wouldn't change the color or the texture one bit!!!! You may just need to learn how to care for your hair and learn what it likes and doesn't like -- it sounds like you are already learning some of that for yourself. Usually one of the biggest problems with curly hair is getting enough moisture as it does tend to be dry. Yours looks quite healthy, but it may just be a matter of experimenting with some different products to see what works best for you. I have recently started experimenting with some different conditioners and oils (currently jojoba) and this seems to be making a big difference for me. My curl formation is better, there is a lot less frizz, and I find that my hair still looks good at the end of the day -- something I have never achieved before. Also,when it comes to styling products it also may just be that you haven't found the right ones for your hair. It took me a long time to realize that there are certain ingredients my hair just doesn't like, and so I have to avoid them -- and they aren't necessarily the ones that are discussed here a lot -- but everyone's hair is different and it does take some experimenting.

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    your hair is gorgeous! don't give up on it, if you keep looking around this website, you'll find a lot of great advice and after awhile, you'll learn to love it!
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    From what I've seen, the UK is not so used to curly heads and it's not so easy to be different from everyone else. But you have lovely hair, it's unique and special.

    I have a couple of suggestions. It looks from your pictures as if your hair is cut straight across at the bottom. You might want to get some subtle long layers cut. By this I mean there should not be much distance between the longest and shortest layers -- maybe about 2 inches. This gives your hair shape and lets the curls form better.

    I'd also suggest not shampooing every day. Curly hair tends to be dry, and shampoo makes it drier. You can still wet it and condition it on the days in between.

    You haven't found the right styling products yet, but I'd like to encourage you to keep trying. Very few curlies can go without styling products -- we end up with a head of undefined frizz. You're right to stay away from mousse, it works better for wavies than curlies on the whole. You would be better off with a gel or a cream styler.

    There are lots of different ones, so you may have to try a few. I don't know all of what's available in the UK, so maybe some other curlies can chime in with some products suggestions.
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    I think your hair is gorgeous, and so are you!
    I can totally understand being frustrated about one's own hair though, no matter what others tell us. I hope you have found a lot of good info on the boards, and that things are already going better. If you have specific questions, don't be shy and just ask :)

    I am from Canada and live in Germany. I know products are hard to find out here in Europe, but I've heard that Curlmart ships a lot to the UK, and that it's cheaper to order stuff from where you are than from where I am... (lucky you) You have Boots, that's great, I've picked up 2 jars of the pink stuff while I was in London, I love where you live!! (not only because of Boots :oops: )

    I think you have some Avalon organics sulfate free shampoo there, that's very good. I don't poo very much at all anymore, just with HCC from Jessicurl. That was one of the major changes I made that created a difference in my curls. Anyway, just wanted to say your hair is cool, and welcome, sorry my posts are often soooo long!!
    HTH :D
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    sorry,double post
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