Scary! Covering bald spot with weave

mariag002mariag002 Registered Users Posts: 3,557 Curl Neophyte
Somebody posted this on and I just had to post it here too. I can't believe this girl actually covered a bald spot with this!

The sad thing is her hair probably won't grow now because when she rips that weave off it'll damage her scalp even more. :thumbdown:
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  • Riot CrrlRiot Crrl Registered Users Posts: 3,135

    They will probably remove it with a quite harsh solvent at some point.
  • EfrizzabethEfrizzabeth Registered Users Posts: 8,792 Curl Neophyte
    OMG won't that rip off the skin?!
  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Registered Users Posts: 15,402 Curl Neophyte
    Yuck! She's already put enough stress on her hair to get a big bald spot, now this?!
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  • redcelticcurlsredcelticcurls Registered Users Posts: 17,502 Curl Neophyte
    The Op's comments back were just as wild as some of the comments.

    "get a lacefront" was a common suggestion.

    I have to winder what I'd do if I had a bald area. Just pull a britney and shave it all of and start over i dunno.
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  • TwoMoonsTwoMoons Registered Users Posts: 754
    OMG! Wouldn't that make things worst?! They do have hair products that helps your hair grow!I agree with Redcelticcurls, just pull a britney and buy hair growth products while wearing a wig.
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  • shycurlshycurl Registered Users Posts: 197
    Wow, watching that made me so sad. I know people can develop bald spots for many reasons; I think the glue and glue solvent can are causing more damage to her hair and scalp. Giving this routine a permanent break and her hair some needed tlc would help.

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