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I read on a website that the Tresseme conditioners are fine for CG.

I live in Australia and just went to the store to get some (I currently use OUIDAD or MOP - but it costs heaps to get OUIDAD out here).

Whilst reading the Ingredients - all the Tresseme's here have Dimethicone listed in the ingredients.

Ive also read conflicting information that Dimethicone is water soluble and not water soluble...

Can anyone help?

At this stage I am thinking that the Australian formula must be quite different to the American
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    Hey Wildflower,

    I found two great articles about silicones (three if you count the one from February about the new polymers) that say a lot about silicones. There is even a chart outlining which silicones are water soluble for a conditioning wash. I'm contemplating introducing silicones back into my hair beauty regimen, because I have surface halo frizz since I took it out.

    Check out the curl reading link for this site and click on ingredients. Maybe if you type silicones into the "search our site" the articles will come up also :) I have been copying all this info into word documents so I can ready them later (its a lot for a post), I didn't include the link for the naturally curly ingredient articles though.

    Hope I helped a little :)
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    Dimethicone is not water soluable. It needs shampoo to get it out. If an ingredient ends with 'cone or 'xane, it is usually a silicone. If it has PEG in front of it, then it is water soluable.

    Check out this link:
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