Newbie needs styling help Ouidad ?

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Hi all, I'm new here and hope you can help me out. My just below shoulder length hair has mutliple personalities, 4a in the back, 3a/b on the sides and 2! on the top and front. It's truly crazy! Anyway, I must wear my hair natural I swim a lot (I wear a cap) and don't have time to twist every night and I cannot wear a full and wild afro to work since my office environment is very conservative and the dress code does not allow "extreme hairstyles" (I know, this is a PC discussion for another time). So, I had a consultation with a Ouidad stylist today and she recommended a "softener". I've looked this up and it looks like a very weak sodium hydroxide solution to help soften the curl to make it more manageable. This would reduce the bulk and puffiness that makes my hair packed at the roots when it dries and lengthen the curl. Has anyone had experience with Ouidad and the softener and/or their styling? By the way, this is an affiliate salon, not the NYC location. It sounds like it might do me some good, but I've had very, very bad experiences in the past with stylists that say they know what they are doing and they have absolutely butchered my hair. I also need styling suggestions. Thanks for your input.


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    I think we all struggle with the fact that natural hair has multiple personalities. I think I'm a combo of 4a/3c/3a (on top) and it is truly crazy trying to make all of this blend into one uniform look. Anyway, I thought about "softening" my hair once and I realize that my desire to grow out my relaxer was because I wanted to embrace my natural hair texture....without chemicals. So you need to really think about if you want to have chemicals in your hair which will most likely weaken and dry your hair out causing more drama. I believe this "softener" is a fancy way of saying texturizer which is a chemical process to relax the curls. The maintenance on the softener may get expensive too since you'll most likely have to touch up the new growth.

    I got a ouidad cut to reduce the bulk and it helped tremendously. but i personally was not interested in that softener when the stylist suggested it for me.
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    Welcome. Do you have a photo? I've had Ouidad cuts in the past, but never the softener. When you see photos of Ouidad you are looking at the softener, she uses it. I'm not a fan of chemicals. I think you can get the results you want with a little patience, conditioning, and even styler application.

    I would have the Ouidad stylist do my hair without the softener and see how that looked. Then work with that for awhile before decided.

    The other thing is co-washing. A months (even weeks) of co-washing (no shampoos) can have a very positive effect on your hair.
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    MissMonie & BushBabe, thank you both for your reply and comments. I've been natural for almost 5 years and I think I've tried every natural style/option known to mankind! I'm not real anxious to put chems in my hair, I'm just at my wits end! LOL! I was thinking I would try the Ouidad sytem/products, cut 1st and then see if it makes a difference. I currently use all Aveda products now and for the most part they are o.k. I certainly credit the Aveda system with bringing my hair back to a strong healthy state (after being butchered and mishandled); but some of the line can make my hair feel dry and I don't feel as though their curl products are right for me. I have to use too many things to get the desired effect and then my hair is all gummy and stickly (yuck!) I've also tried the co-wash with Wen products. They are FABULOUS (and expensive). They get your hair and scalp clean and leave your hair moisturized and soft. Anyway, thanks again Ladies and I'm open to hear any more comments. I'll post again after my appointment and let you know what happens.

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