Starting The No 'Poo Regimen

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And feeling quite pooped out about it.
I found out about Curly Girl a few months ago, but never thought about buying it because I figured that any of the experiments in the book would leave my hair stringy and oily looking (I had tried using olive oil on my hair and it didn't work out well at all). Anyway, I read some of the testimonies on this site, and I began to think that maybe this book was just what I needed. So I bought it. Now for a little background on my hair:
If you want a good idea of what my hair looks like on a normal day (Head and Shoulders'poo every other day, hot water, brush while wet, sometimes blow-dry, twist back into a pony-tail to dry, then let down), then the right-hand picture on the aforementioned website is pretty accurate, only thinner. It usually has a wave to it, and sometimes the bottom hairs would coil.
The the below picture is what from the time I had a full head of hair to the age of 7, or somewhere around there. After that I started letting mom comb my hair, hehe.


^^^ My hair looked pretty much exactly like this, only with curls that were a bit tighter, I think. I was surprised to find hair that looked so similar to mine.

I'd like to know what kind of hair I have, so that I can treat it accordingly. I haven't shampooed since Tuesday of this week, and I don't plan to shampoo any more than I have to. Today I washed my hair with baking soda, and Garnier Fructis Length and Strength Fortifying Cream Conditioner. Then I combed it with a wide tooth comb and scrunched it with TRESemme Defining Gel for Curls, extra hold. I didn't put much gel on my hair, but my hair (at least the bottom half) feels sort of dry, crunchy, and oily all at the same time. I do notice that my curls are starting to come back, despite the fact that they feel and look straggly and oily.

Anyway, that's my story. Sorry it was so lengthy, but I couldn't help it much. Basically, what I would like to know is:
1) What type is my hair? If you need another picture then I'll post one, but should I take a picture of the way it looks now or the way it previously looked (when I was showering with hot water and blowdrying and all)?
2) Is the "oily-ness" that I'm experiencing normal? I've seen that a lot of people who switch to no shampoo start off by complaining about oily hair, and the no-poo veterans tell them that they are "detoxing".

If you have any suggestions, I'd be much obliged. :D

God bless,

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    It would probably be a good idea for you to post a picture as it looks now....without the brushing...maybe just air dried.

    Take care....this place is addictive,

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    Allright, I'll do that. Right now I'm heading off to Walmart and will probably buy some new conditioner. I'll see if I can take a picture tonight.

    Haha, yes it is.
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    Alright, here are the piccies:
    (Sorry they're so big, but I was afraid that if I resized them the wouldn't be as detailed.)

    ^^I had just taken my hair out of a bun.^^



    I didn't put the aforementioned gel (defining curls from Tresemme) on all of my hair. I find that when I do that my hair looks pretty icky. I did put some (deluded with water) on the top of my head to keep the frizz down.
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    In the pictures you posted your hair looks wavy to me. Is it more smoothed out than normal because it was in a bun?

    (Your hair looks very healthy by the way!)
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    Yes. Usually it's curlier. The top part of the back of my hair hasn't curled much - that is untill I started using only conditioner. I do wish that I could get my hair to look the way it did when I was younger. Oh well. I guess I'll just experiment a little, and if it doesn't work then I'll just be happy with what I have.
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    I don't think it will look like your wee pic again (without a rollerset or something, lol) but I think it is the type of hair that will get curlier the more you treat it as curly.

    I only started a few weeks ago with something kind of similar to yours in some ways, but maybe tighter waves (and a lot more frizz, greys and color damage, ha). I almost never got a random spiral on its own. But the more I act like it is curly, the curlier it gets.
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    Haha, well, I wouldn't like my hair to look that fluffy and frizzy again, but I'd be happy to have it a bit wavier.
    I plan to do exactly what you are doing, Riot Crrl. I still plan to go the no shampoo route, and treat my hair as if it is curly. But my pocketbook can't afford to become a product connoisseur, so I'll keep things simple.
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    You really don't need so many products as it sometimes seems by reading this board. When I wore it air dried and wavy, all I really used was shampoo and conditioner. Occasionally other stuff like a separate leave in/detangler, or having fun with serum and gel and scrunching once in a while, but I never used heat and didn't really need the other stuff.

    This all changed when I "had" to start heat drying for work. I was like LOL what's a diffuser again? So there was that investment, but I subtracted shampoo and now I really only use two different conditioners plus gel. So I guess it is one more product than I regularly used before. And two of those are way dirt cheaper than the Pantene shampoo and conditioner I had been using. If you are lucky about finding products that work for you and sticking with them, it's possible to actually spend less.

    The problem with products is the grass is always greener and promise "more awesome hair." But if you can resist that urge and just work with some simple things that you like, it can actually be cheaper than "mainstream hair care."
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    Thank you for such sound advice! I will definitely take it to heart.

    I just made a major improvement in my hair. Normally I'm afraid of using too much conditioner because my hair always seemed to be oily when I used it. And frizzy. But tonight I really doused my hair with Garnier Fructis leave in conditioner, then washed it out pretty darn well. (I plan to get a more CG friendly conditioner soon.) Then I used a salt-water rinse, and washed that out. Then I "plopped" my hair, I guess you would say, and used a liberal amount of Herbal Essence totally twisted mousse. Then I let air dry. At first my locks were pretty crunchy, but I remembered to scrunch them when they had fully dried. Well that made them feel better. The mom suggested that I comb through my hair with a wide tooth comb, which I did, albeit reluctantly. Well I was amazed. Gone was the crunchy-ness, and my hair actually had volume! Also, more curls are starting to appear. I'll post pictures later and you'll see the difference. Anyway, I love the way it feels and looks, so I don't think I'll be going back to straight hair again.
    Suave Naturals Conditioner and Giovanni 50/50 Conditioner as leave in. Air dry.

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